Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Urmila is at market to buy vegetables . She is annoyed at how costly it is.Here she sees one lady praising other’s saree . She says her bahu has started taking tuitions and she has brought her that from the first salary.Urmila is shocked to hear it.The other lady says her bahu is too good.Urmila says what to say her own bahu has also started a playschool but she would never buy anything for her not even a single rumaal.She leaves from there .The man says to pay for the vegetables she bought.

Gopi and Kinjal are trying to calm the children.The children runs and mess up the place. Kinjal shouts at children. Kokila says more than children Kinjal is shouting . Hetal says she will learn in few days . Baa says leave it . Kokila says thank god that the

men are not there . Tolu Molu are crying as children are shouting.Rashi says she thought that by sending Meera to school she will be free but its more than that now . Rashi tells Kamla to stay with kids she go downstairs. Kinjal fells down and the kids starts clapping . Gopi says they are kids and will be fine in few days. Rashi too comes and says to keep quite . She makes sound from a toy and all children keep quite . Rashi taunt them saying thats how to keep children quite and by shouting nothing will happen.Rashi who is standing in a small chair fells down and all kids starts clapping .Meera address Rashi as Rashi Moti. She says she is not fat.

Gopi starts singing a holy song and all kids listen to her . Kokila sees this and is happy . Gopi says she’ll bring food and till then take care of the kids. Kinjal starts shouting to keep quiet and all kids starts imitating her. Here in previous playschool one parent comes and takes her kid.The teachers says due to Kinjal they are facing it all due to them and wont let them be in peace.Gopi brings food to all kids . One says she will eat by herself and the food fells on her.Kinjal says not the food be waste and eat them. One splits juice on Kinjal and she shouts. Gopi looks on . Kinjal jokes and kids starts laughing . Dhawal comes there and Kinjal tries to go but one holds her Duppata and cleans his face. Dhawal and Gopi sees it as smiles . Kinjal leaves angrily . Dhawal says he is glad to see her like that.

Dhawal thanks Gopi for it and she says its all due to Kinjal and now she can see Meera and let her study too.Rashi tries yoga she listens to music and tries to relax. One child comes and tries to annoy her. Kokila sees this and gets in . She resumes the music and one housefly annoys her she says to go . Kokila thinks as if it was for her and gets it . She calls Rashi and she finally stands up . She says she was wearing headsets so couldn’t hear her. Kokila says she has her twins so if they start crying how will she know. And leaves from there.

One couple comes there with a boy for admission . Kokila says he dont look like a child and they say he eats alot so looks like that.The boy steps on one toy and breaks it everyone is shocked to see that.Kinjal says to remove the mask he’s wearing and the parents say that the kid is shy so he removes only when he feels like it. Kinjal says it fine and they leave. The couple comes and smiles to the two teachers from other playschool . The boy removes the mask and is shown as a dwarf. The teacher says now this boy will take revenge.

Kinjal is happy that they have 11 children and hugs Gopi.All are happy to see them like that . Scene shifts to when Rashi is sitting in sofa tells Gopi to make tea for her. Gopi is trying to make Meera drink milk . Hetal says she will make it . Gopi says its fine and she will . Kokila says cant she see that Gopi is trying to feed Meera milk and she could do it . Rashi says what she did and forgets . Kokila says she has done only 4 works and have forget . Says she have to learn something from Gopi … tells that she feel bad that she couldn’t change her yet . But her daughter has become like her total kaamchor. Kokila says Gopi is doing the playschool work too so she will be only able to do Meera and Ahem’s work and Rashi will help Kamla is household work . Rashi is shocked

Precap: The dwarf drops a plastic lizard there and all kids starts crying and screaming . Kinjal and Gopi shocked to see that

Update Credit to: Muskii

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