Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2013 Written Update



Rashi scolded Urmi wheather she stop her habbit of mockering why she utter crap for Koki to Umang’s bhabhi if she has reveal to Koki than along Urmi she will also kick out frm MM. Urmi listen this and get pissed off after Madhu Rashi also scolded her.


Umang’s Tripti irritatedly saying him plz stop this drama she cant bare it longer.. Umang make asure her that once they went in MM then soon he will rapped his plan.. mainwhile Radha comes downdtairs both get alert to saw her… Umang sweetly said to her why she came down?? just called him, he will comes towards her… Radha replied no its fine she quite better now. Tripti said frm now u will be more feel better coz we went to ur

Gopi behen house.. Radha surprised to know. Tripti adds more coz ur Nani Kaki has come yesterday she lovingly invite us so hence we not refused her… Radha agreed on it.


Umang Tripti and Radha went at Modi house Umang greet them frm main door.. Koki call them inside but Radha stood their her place, Koki shows them that how much she happy to seeing them in her house than Gopi ask Radha to come in… She come inside and hugged with Gopi Radha says to Gopi now that Gopi herself thrown her out frm her house and today she itself welcome her Wow!! Gopi whispered her that forget all past things and get new start she hug her again. Ahem Rashi and Jigar also come downstairs.. Rashi shows her concren for Radha and said that she let to know that she had blast the Hot Rod..Radha felt embarrassed.

Koki called Meethi and order her set Kinjal room for Radha and guest room frm Umang’s bhabhi.. Tripti gets pissed off that frm now Umang stay with Radha in same room.Koki ask Radha go in her room and take rest also she ask Umang go along her and take her care. Both leaves towards room and Tripti getting highly pissed off seeing both went ups stairs.

All ladies exccept Tripti sitted in MM hall. Tripti praised Gopi’s nacklace she also praise Gopi’s choice in jewellery.. than she getted upsets that she also love to wear all sare and Jewelleru but after mishup with her husband she quited off… Koki watches her faked saded face and story.. than she says now she fullfilled her all desiers through Radha.. Radha wears all my jewel. Radha excitedly said that bhabhi have so many jewellery and sares her cupboard has filled with all.. Tripti gets weird and for coverd it up she said no but was all old collection.. than Koki says to her in evening she called her family jeweller at home if she want to buy any jewellery for Radha so have to listen this Tripti got more tenes and Koki and Gooi observed her…


Tripti said to Umang that Koki want they buy jewellery for Radha. Umang replied her that they wong buy any jewellery if anyone brought so thats these Modis for her.. Gopi comes stand out of their room seemes she wont heard anything she open the door Umang said Gopiji u here.. Gopi said ti them Maaji called them downstairs and leaves..

They come downstairs along Radha.. there Modis ladies and Ahem Jigar are also present for jewellery shopping. Koki ask Radhi choose any ur favourite nacklace for herself.. also she ask Tripti the same but she said no they just buying so many jewellery for Radha after marriage coz she brought nothing frm her parents house than Umangs stops her.. and said if wont select so he will sellect Jewel for her, he comes near Radha n start looking nacklace.. than Koki ask Ahem to choose nacklace for Gopi, Ahemji says but always ladies choose so let them choose itself. Koki by moves of her eyes tell him to select nacklace for Gopi then Ahemjiunderstood and start looking jewel for Gopi he ask jeweller shown him something haevy Umang watche how Ahem sellects haevy nacklace fir his wife than Rashi also ask Jigar for buying heavy nacklace for her either so he agreed to.. Umang sellect a small ring for Radha only he wore her but she got upset and said that its ok she dont want anything… Radha walk off towards room also umang.. everybody observed it


Radha cried sat on bed Umang tell her that why he choosen small ring fir her coz he do not want to show Ahem Jigat down infrnt of him.. also Tripti comes and said thats Umangs nature he always avoide to do such thing whom hurts anyone.. Radha wiped her tears and apologised him and went down..


Koki and Gopi put money out frm cupboard for jeweller.. when Koki said that Umang is very greedy he ever waste his money on Radha now slowly Umang’s real face will out frnt of Radha..


Koki give money to jeweller when Radha comes and said that she want buy that ring who Umang choosed for her… Rashi taunt her that her husband is such rich whom brought entire jewel shop for her who buy just a small ring for her wife.. Radha gets anger and replied her she want know why he doing this coz AhemJigar wont felt small infrnt of him he loves her there such jewel she wore right now was all brought frm him otherwise my family gave me neither.. Baa said to her why saying all thats house is ur’s she gave her naclace frm her side and she said Ahem joint Radha nacklace bill with their bill..


Koki and Gopi planning to become more clever for match up Umangs level..


Tripti praise Umang shrap thinking skills than both Romance with eachother there Meera comes finding her mother.. Uamng tell Tripti grab her before she tells anyone Meera runs towards her room.


Ahemji tells Gopi that tomorow morning he have his important meeting so he need to wakeup early than Meera enter calling her mumma name Ahem Gopi smile her seeing mainwhile Tripti alsk comes following her.. Gohem both suspect to seeing Tripti calling Meera and folllwing…

Im morning at Umang’s room Tripti huge Umang Radha sleeps there in room Umang tell her that wht she has doing if Radha wakeup n saw them than Tripti said she dont care.. mainwhie Gopi knock the door and bothUmang Tripti gets scared.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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