Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st December 2013 Written Update

Koki asking Gopi why the knife is her hand, while tripthi says that why are you questioning like that when Gopi indeed did this murder. Everyone are shocked. Tripthi cries and Koki tells Tripthi she is putting a wrong blame on Gopi. Koki tells her that Gopi can never do something like that, Ahem also says that he knows Gopi very well, and she can never do that. Tripthi yells saying Umang is lying dead in front of them and Gopi has knife, even then they are supporting Gopi. Koki stops her and says just because Gopi has the knife doesn’t mean she murdered, and until its proved that Gopi murdered no one can blame her. Gopi confesses saying she murdered Umang, everyone are shocked. Ahem goes and tells her to say that this is false.koki also tells her not to be afraid. Ahem asks her to look at him and tell the truth, while gopi falls down on the floor and says that she murdered Umang. Everyone are crying.Madhu also says Gopi can never murder anyone, Tripthi is kind of happy! But she yells saying when Gopi is confessing why cant they believe, she calls to police station saying she will go to a place where she actually has to.

Radha comes back from temple, all the members are in Modi bahavan including police, tripthi tells police that gopi is the murderer and they ask her if its true, gopi agrees,Koki tells not to listen to Gopi and rashi also supports saying she is afraid and hence not to listen to her. Police says that when they accept the truth, nothing can be done. Police go for checking the room and Koki asks Gopi that she never lied before so why is she taking the blame on her head? Tripthi and Urmi somewhat afraid. Madhu and Jayanthi bhai also asks her to tell the truth,ahem says i=even if she says 1000 times no one will believe that she killed someone. Gopi asks them to believe that she murdered umang. Koki asks whom is she trying to save? Baa also worried. kinjal also says she cant believe.

Radha enters the house and is shocked to see umang lying dead. Tripthi tells radha that gopi killed Umang. Radha shocked, and crying. Radha comes and tries to wake up Umang and starts crying. Tripthi tells he wont come and he left us and went away very far, gopi took away him from us. Madhu consoles radha and Tripthi tells though she knew gopi hates umang she knew she would murder him. She also tells her that though she hates umang he is gopi’s sister husband so how could she kill him. Radha gets angry and slaps Gopi. Everyone shocked. Radha asks why did she do this, how could she do it? Didn’t she think about her. Tripthi all smiling! Radha tells that she has no right to live so strangles gopi, koki and ahem stop her. Radha tells them she would punish Gopi and ruin her life. Koki yells her to stop and also asks her how dare she raise hand on Gopi, she says she was silent because of the sensitive situation but that doesn’t mean she can speak anything she wants.radha says that Koki always wanted the truth so why is she supporting the murderer now. She tells Gopi that she isn’t her sister anymore and their bond is over. She tells gopi that she hates hates her and will ate forever and also will take revenge for Umang’s death. Police come and tells them not to enter the room where the murder happened and they would take the body for post mortem. Parag Chirag and Jigar tells they will go to hospital but radha stops them that none from the parivaar would come near Umang. The police arrest Gopi, meera crying, Koki stops them and tells she need to talk to Gopi. Koki tells her that she has faith and also gopi is innocent, she tells her that she doesn’t know why and for whom is she taking the blame? Koki promises that she would prove Gopi is innocent.

Precap: Urmila checking her earring and is afraid if its in that room and Koki finds an earring in the room Umang was murdered, she tells that whose ever this earring is is the murderer. Urmi is afraid if Koki or police finds the earring.

Update Credit to: madhu

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  1. It was urmi and gopi took the blame because it was her aunty so she didn’t want nothing to happen to her

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