Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari gets afraid hearing door knock and thinks Vivan must have come. She worriedly opens door and gets relaxed seeing Jigar. Jigar speaks to her and leaves. Once again, someone knocks the door and she opens it thinking Jigar has come back, but it is Vivan this time. She asks what is he doing. He says he came for her. She asks him to not pester her and sprays deodorant on his face. He says deodorant will not affect him and he will marry and take her from here soon. She thinks one side Vivan is pestering him and on another side Radha, she has to think how to get rid of both.

Urmila comes home back with her family. She gets a call from builder and says she will call later. Kinjal asks whose call it was. She says it is none of her business. Kinjal says she does not believe her and is worried she may do something foolish again. Urmila shouts at her. Madhuben says they just want to know whose call it was. She says it was. Urmila shouts at them and gets into her room.

Pari meets Radha and says she will do whatever she says if she keeps her and Vivan’s relationship secret. Kokila sees them and thinks Pari is hands in glove with Radha and goes to show Pari. Pari on the other side says if she is thinking she will do whatever she says to keep her secret, she is wrong and says nobody will believe that I had an affair with Vivan as she has been proved wrong many times, so she keep away from her and her family. Gopi comes with Kokila and says Kokila that Pari is attached to our family. Kokila says Pari changed her words seeing us and the truth is Pari is a prankster and Gopi innocent, if she tries to harm her family, she will ruin her.

Urmila asks builder to give him some time. Builder says he cannot give much time and if she tries any trick, she will repent. She asks to give him advance. He says once chawl is destroyed, he will give payment. Kinjal and Dhaval see him walking out and ask Urmila why is she still adamant to do mistake. Madhuben hears builder asking his goon to bring bulldozer and destroy chawl and he will get the land without paying Urmila.

Jigar looks at Pari’s diary and thinks Gopi was right, he is falling in love with Pari. He thinks to go and propose Pari right now. Radha on the other side thinks of finding a solid proof of Pari and Vivan’s engagement.

Mabduben informs Urmila of builder’s evil plans. Urmila does not believe her and starts shouting. Kinjal says more than half of her life is spent in this chawl and she should think about it. Dhaval asks her to get money from builder first and then break chawl.

Jigar tells Gopi that he wants to propose Pari. Gopi says it is a good idea and he should do it right now. He says he wants to give her surprise and for that, Pari has to go out of house for some time. Pari searches Jigar and asks Gopi about him. Gopi says first she should go and pray in an out of city temple for his and Jigar’s relationship and Pari happily agrees.

Builder’s goons enter Urmila’s chawl and try to forcefully evict chawl.

Gopi prays god to clear Jigar’s mind and develop love for Pari and also prays to give some good thinking to Radha.

Precap: Kokila hears Gopi’s prayers and says Jigar and Pari will never unite.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Y r u dragging the show so much

  2. Yeah, too much drag

  3. Finish this show. VERY bad story. BAD serial ever seen

    1. it was good and they couldve made the childrens grow up after rashi death so it would be more interesting like veera did. after sampooean death and nihal leaving they all grew up

  4. Please continue dragging this serial. I just love it.

  5. John why you the serial so much? Nonsense in this serial just fight don’t suit the title

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