Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees Urmila carrying a something from Rashi’s room and asks about it. Urmila says she is taking Rashi’s pics to make a copy and leaves from there.

Madhuben asks Kinjal about Urmila. She says she has gone to Modi Bhavan as Kokila called her. She then hears sound from Urmila’s room and goes to check, sees Urmila hiding something. Kokila scolds her for entering her room without permission and sends her from there. Once she goes, she hides Rashi’s jewelry.

Kokila says Baa that now they are relieved and there is no more tension. Paridhi comes just then with police and allege that Modi family harassed and kicked her out. Kokila asks her to stop her rubbish. Pari asks inspector to arrest them all. She asks them also to take their phones. Inspector takes everyone’s phones and arrests them. Pari asks not to arrest Baa. Police drag everyone from there. Inspector asks Pari not to worry and says he has sent lady constable to arrest Urmila. Baa calls Kinjal and informs about Paridhi getting arrested everyone. Urmila hears her conversation and thinks if Modi’s are arrested, even she will be arrested.

Kinjal tries to call Jigar, but his phone is out of order. Constable comes and says she has come to arrest Urmila on Pari’s complaint. Urmila is about escape via window with Rashi’s jewelry when police stops and arrests her. Pari comes there and stops constable. Urmila asks what did she do to get arrested. Pari says she did not nothing and to leave her. Once constable leaves, she asks Urmila to delete her video. Urmila hesitantly deletes video. Rashi’s jewelry falls and Kinjal asks why did she bring Rashi’s jewelry. Urmila says Kokila gave it to her and goes inside her room. Kinjal asks Pari to take back her complaint. Pari says she will not as Modi’s tried to kick her out of their house and goes back to Modi bhavan.

Kinjal calls Jigar and informs him about the incident. They both then go to Modi bhavan, and Jigar tries to strangulate Pari. Kinjal asks him to stop and to think of his children. He then leaves her and asks her to take back her complaint. Pari asks him to request properly and then asks him to promise not to kick her out of his house. Jigar agrees, and she calls police station.

Kokila and other family members come home. Pari tries to talk to them. Kokila asks her to stop her drama, Hetal asks what is she trying to do. Pari says she is doing for the betterment of this house and says Jigar would have left for US if she would not have stopped and made this drama. Gopi says she has to leave now. Pari says she will not leave and has taken promise from Jigar, she asks Jigar to tell about his promise. He tells about pari’s condition to take back her complaint and let her stay in this house. Kokila says Jigar did it for his family and says she will challenge that Pari herself will go out of this house by 7 p.m. tomorrow.

Precap: Kokila asks if she wants to repent about her yesterday’s mischief and ties her, says this is her punishment.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. This show is going to dogs now……

  2. Bakwaas….what’s the hell is going on there always these guys keeping on making rounds around the police stations n hospitals…. Shame on you guys if u don’t have any story to drag the story then let it have the end…. Disgusting how can they arrest some one without a warrent and a correct proof….this serial is giving a wrong message to the audience…. I don’t think that the police will take of the mobiles when they arrest someone….. This is what this serial have only questions no answers……this paridhi has not even submitted a photo proof of her marriage or other formalities…..n I saw someone saying that they need pandits n marriage photo proof to get a marriage certificate donno how this paridhi n police r doing this nuisance with out a proper proof or something… Idiotic script…

    1. Cant they show the video they have while police came to arrest them
      This is completely out of logic and testing the audience patience.
      I stopped watching the show , but sometimes read this updates
      Writer saab, please think something useful and logical.

  3. Dis serial sucks….paridhi is such a b*t*h

    1. trust me paridhi is wrser.

  4. so this bunch of idiots, the stupid modi family did not go to police in the first place to show the video they recorded of the irritating moron, Pari. instead they just show it to her and ask her to get out. secondly, what is with the police in this serial, pari asks the police to take all their phones and he follows the order!!! pari asks the constable to not arrest urmila and he follows the orders. what is this nonsense??? is that how police work? never came this much bs in my entire life.

  5. Just an bakwas F*****g story

  6. I just dot like parhidhi charector hate her

  7. There is no logic left in this serial. Police first makes an inquiry before arresting anyone. Just on an complaint by anyone no police will do it. And police do not take away your phones. You have a right to contact your lawyer. Gopi were is your brains you should have shown the police the video. This is some sort of khand, Pari is behind modi money. But this is again getting repeated . Writerji if you dont have a story please tell the channel people and they will shut down the serial. As it is people are moving away from your serials they are more better off without this boring stuff you are serving

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