Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th December 2013 Written Update

Kinjal looks on for a while and leaves . Umang who is hiding walks away from there and calls tripti and asks her to come to garden. Tripti tries to go but nani who is sleeping has hold her saree tightly. Tripti tries to let go but instead nani wakes up. She asks her what she’s doing to which tripti replies that she wasn’t feeling sleepy hence was going to go downstairs to get water. Nani says in this age its not good to feel not sleepy at this age and drink water which is in the room itself. Tripti nods and drinks water. On the other side umang is searching for the bag and finally sees it . He takes it and goes to the living room leaving one gold earing in the garden. He sees kinjal and thinks now he should leave and apologizes to tripti for leaving her. Hetal

comes there and umang stand there too. She asks what kinjal is doing and kinjal says that nani came to her house and she came to drop her. Hetal says she’s having a headache and will go drink water. Kinjal says she’ll make tea for her. Hetal asks umang what he’s doing so early and he says its bhabhi’s wedding so he was so excited.

Umang thinks to keep the jewelleries before kokila wake up. He goes to her room and keeps the jewellery and drops the key by mistake. Kokila wakes up and wonders how she slept for so long. She too is having a headache. Umang hides behind the curtain and kokila leaves to go downstairs. Umang tries to look for the key when parag too changes side. Downstairs ahem and gopi and others too join hetal and kinjal. All the ladies are having a headache to which rashi says something happened last night. Kokila tells jigar to leave kinjal to her home. Nani too comes there and asks whose wedding is there . Kokila tells tripti and nani says if she the thief who keep walking in the house late night. Rashi , Gopi and kokila thinks on.

Urmila tells everyone where kinjal went without asking permission. Kinjal arrives and says she don’t feel she need to answer her questions. Madhu comes and says urmila to shut up and tells she went as nani came . Dhawal says kinjal can go anywhere she want without asking him. Kinjal drags him to their room and shuts the door room on urmila’s face . She sits and asks him what the problem is. One the other side umang tells tripti that his plan flopped due to him and in mind says sorry tripti but they were to be together till now.Dhawal says she told she shares everything with her loved one who is umang. She says its hetal and not umang. Dhawal says her to stop lying and the another day umang told her to come. Kinjal is tensed.

Radha’s sindur box fells and she’s worried. The 3 ladies are discussing about how everyone got headache and slept for long when radha comes and rushes to the mandir. Radha prays for umang’s long life. Umang comes and thanks kokila for getting his bhabhi married. He then bids bye and is about to go when she bumps into the sofa and fells down. Radha rushes to him and says her sindoor also fell down. Umang says its okay. Radha hugs him and says he’s very important for her. Kokila tells meethi to bring first aid box. Later the day the 3 ladies are cutting fruits when meethi comes with dustbin . Rashi opens the dustbin to see masks and gloves in it. Kokila and gopi says tripti and umang was surely doing something that night.

Precap- Kokila tells she’s sure that the jewellaries and money aren’t kept like that. Rashi says then its sure that umang have taken then last night . Kokila says only she knows the place where she keeps the key. Rashi and gopi see a duplicate key and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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