Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2013 Written Update



Rashi said that with any aim no one doing anything so she felt Umang and Tripti has diffinatly some kinda of aim… Thats why they still stay at MM..

otherside Umang is happy to get Keys prints… He and Tripti make plan of stealing at night.. He said to Tripti gets all arrangements they going to stole all things in tonight she meet him shrap at 2:30am in MM hall. Both smirks.


Kinjal waiting for Dhawal, He comes she said him today he comes very late she said get change she sever his food.. He annoyingly said why u waiting forme when i told it already i will be come late and also dont need make food for me.. Kinjal said him why he behaving so rude.. since she trying to

make things sorted though he tell wht exactly her mistake.. Dhawal said he dont understand her either he really dont know all happenings or either she trying become innocent.. They both start yelling.. Every body wakesup and come out Madhu stop them while doing fighting.. Dhawal pissing off and go inside his room.. Kinjal also gets mad.. Urmi said now u going to leave this house.. Kinjal replied her no if this house is ur so equaly this house is also mine.. I never going to leave my house.. Umri gets annoyed.


Radha calls Madhu, so Madhu tell her abt Dhawal Kinjal’s fight Radha get worried hear this.. Right moment Umang come inside.. And ask wht happened?? Radha tells him abt KinWal he thoughting wish he could see Kinjal’s life become ruined.. But he felt happy that he put fire now soon its become higher.. Then he assure Radha and say her go n sleep..

In night Tripti gets wakeup on right time which umang told her 2:30.. She put one bag out and bring some things out of it.. She comes down and both start their plan.. Both went every once room and make them fainted by Spray.


Kinjal come outside the house sat on stairs and crying.. When auto come n stop at RN door.. She looking it whoes come in such late night.. Its Nani who comes RN instead MM bimistake..


Umang Tripti both took all jewel frm Koki’s cupboard and decide to leave house, they just abt to leaves house they open door right fornt the bump with Kinjal and Nani.. Kinjal says wht they both doing at this time.. Nani said the way both roaming only thiefs are roaming like this.. Nani calls Koki name loudly but Tripti make her quite she says its to late everyone is sleeping not good if we waking them up at this time.. Kinjal agreed and she decide she might sleep in hall and nani says she also sleep on floor along her.. Later Kinjal bring Nani in Tripti room where umang is already there in her room, she say her let Nani sleep along her cause of joints pain nani cant sleep on floor.. Kinjal sees shadow on wall but Tripti distrack her thus 3 ppl cant sleep in one bed.. Kinjal says no she will sleep in hall only Nani sleep with u.. Tripti Nani asleep Umang come outside and follow Kinjal, she feels his foot sound.

Rashi saw face masks in disbin.. She suspects how these mask come in disbin.. Koki Gopi also get shocked. Gopi says no body use this masks in our house then how come these face mask on in disbin.. Koki also suspects.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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