Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2013 Written Update

The episode kick starts with Jigar- Raashi Room. Raashi goes into the change room and wonders about the present situation. Finally decides to call Urmilaa. After few exchange of greetings and normal talk between father and daughter, Jitu tells of the invite from the Modi home, Urmilaa gets to talk but after bit of hard bargaining on the part of Urmilaa.

Raashi tells the current situation between her and Jigar, with no sign of improvement but further going bad. And that Jigar is not trying to understand the issue which is small, according to her. She also says that she does not know why Jigar is behaving this bad with her. Raashi also takes on Urmilaa for not allowing her, Raashi, to apologize to Jigar sooner.

Urmilaa then advises Raashi to do all household

work and the ritual work on her own to please all.

In the kitchen Kinjal mimics Madhu and scares Urmilaa. Madhu joins and asks Urmilaa to the work faster instead of talking.

The Modi Ladies discuss the ritual for the twins. Raashi takes up the work of the preparations, Kokila is surprised and in a sarcastic, not in a mean hurtful way, tells her intelligence and responsibilities are growing along with the growth of the twins. By the time the twins grow up, she would also be fully mature. Hetal is amused. Raashi has a downcast look.

In the dining area, Jigar has a glass of water, Raashi tries to talk, but Jigar walks off without a word. Gopi and Radha watch this silently. Radha is in to a thinking mode and wants to know what is happening between the couple.

Jigar and Raashi have similar moments where Jigar is silent.

Urmilaa comes to Modi home with few items required for the ritual. This gives way for Kokila style of talk, bit harsh and making a point effectively. Also, Kokila wonders if sun had risen in the west. Urmilaa without any choice takes it sportingly.

In the kitchen, Radha tries to pry and when Raashi is halfway in telling about the misunderstanding, Urmilaa butts in and takes Raashi away, Urmilaa did not want Radha to know about the misunderstanding, lest she confides with other Modi ladies.

Before Urmilaa could talk more with Raashi, Kokila comes over and tells Raashi that it was her own decision to take up the preparation work, she has to complete her work soon and not waste time talking. Urmilaa is asked to prepare the puja area. Urmilaa is taken aback, for she, herself left her own home leaving her work incomplete.

Madhu finds Urmilaa missing and tells Jitu to keep his wife under control.

Urmilaa tries to pacify Jigar and broker a peace between Raashi and him. Says Raashi is nave and so on. Whatever it is, forgive Raashi. Jigar is silent.

Shah family, Dhawal and Jayanthilal couple arrive at Modi home. Greetings exchanged and cold looks given by Madhu to Urmilaa.

Later, Raashi tries to talk to Jigar but Jigar is very angry that Urmilaa had come in between and that Raashi informed her mother everything. Just then Hetal walks in.

Raashi looks on.

Episode Ends On Raashi’s Face ! ! !

Preview :- Baa tells Raashi to feed the porridge / kheer to the twins. As Raashi takes a spoonful of the porridge Jigar says Raashi to stop.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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