Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Ahem’s guests to leave the engagement venue as Ahem is already married to Gopi and until she is alive, he cannot remarry. Ahem asks guests to stay, calls Kokila as Mrs. Modi and tells she does not have any right on him and he will take his life’s own decisions. Kokila says Meera and Vidya’s arrogance is because of him and he is responsible for their wrong upbringing. Gopi says if Ahem’s happiness is in him getting engaged again, let him. Kokila says she is responsible for her problems and says neither her son nor her bahu understand or care about her. Gopi in her usual 60s slow style says it is not like that. Kokila says she will not let her Gopi bahu’s place to be taken by anyone.

Mansi calls her maaji/mom and tries to interfere. Kokila says she did not permit her to call mom and will never, so she should get out from Ahem’s life forever. Mansi looks at Ahem. Ahem says Mansi will not go anywhere and Gopi will not instead as he hates her.

Rashi prays god to bring back Ahem, earlier gopi mom went and now even baa/Kokila went. Pappu also prays god to listen to Rashi. Urmila comes doing her mad acting and shouts that she needs Kokila back.

Kokila says Gopi loved only Ahem in her life, so she has taken a decision that Ahem and Gopi will get reengaged instead. Ahem calls her Kokila modi again and says now he will say and she will listen. Gopi asks why is he misbehaving with mom. Kokila says let him tell what he wants to say. Ahem says she showed him a sky, but did not allow him to fly. She controlled his smile, anger, everything. She forced him to say what she wants and even got him married to an illiterate woman who did not have commonsense at all. He says she made him her puppet whole life, but he will not tolerate her interference now. Jigar asks him not to misbehave with kaaki.

Kinjal smirks thinking about Ahem’s remarriage. She sees Pari, calls her and says she is buying dress for remarrying and says she is double related to Ahem as she is his both saali and bhai’s biwi. Pari picks call and tells Pappu called and informed that Kokila went to Mumbai to bring back Ahem, she is really dress to greet Ahem and Gopi back. Kinjal gets jealous and irked.

Meera yells at Gopi that she came and complicated their lives. Kokila asks her how dare she misbehave with her mom. Meera says she has seen Dad suffering and now when he is seeking happiness, Gopi came back and ruined his life. Kokila says Gopi is her mother and she suffered a lot in these 10 years, when Ahem took them, she was in a hope that Gopi will come back and unite her with her grandchildren…

Precap: Ahem tells he will get engaged to Mansi for sure. Kokila gets heart attack.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. shall v meet tomorrow?

  2. I cannot believe so many people were standing around at the engagement and no one was speaking except Meera. Why is Mansi trying to get engaged to a married man? Too bad Gopi is not a great actress like some of the other serials and could become a villainess. She lets everyone walk all over her and does not say a thing. A good line would be if Meera starts liking a boy and he cheats on her with someone else. Maybe then she would realize what her mother is going through.

    1. So true ahem is being a jerk why would he replace his wife for

  3. Ahem is being a jerk

  4. Why Kinjal dressed up like a Srilankan / Sinhalese ?

  5. Is madhu dead?

  6. Why isn’t she present in the serial?

  7. hai frnds. hi dhawal, wht happened 2 u ?

  8. my son papu kips on crying bcoz my wyf kinjal left us. Wat to do rajna?

  9. console him. u r the father na? so u shld

  10. Gopi should have left after Ahem asked her to go to the engagement party. I cannot believe she stayed and even gave the rings to him. What is she trying to prove? And what is with that ugly sari she is wearing and the plain hairstyle? They have Mansi all dressed up with rocking lipstick and nice clothes like she is the star of the show.

  11. I forgot about the one great thing about today’s show……when Mansi called Kokila “mom” and Kokila yelled at her. That was the best laugh I have had in a long time over this serial.

  12. frnds c u at evening. i just want 2 hang out with my friends. bye

  13. Khichdi tayaar.stirred shaken served.

  14. I tried consoling him bt pappu is crying his eyes out. I so much hate to see him cry. He is such a good boy just like his father.

  15. pls stop this show

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