Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Punishes Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Desai family does household chores like servants on Kanak’s order. Anant slips while working. Gehna holds him. Their eyes lock. She asks him to be careful and says she will help him. He says she need not bother. Hema while mopping floor yells at Gehna for helping Kanak when she acted as being kidnapped. Anant says she didn’t understand Gehna at all as Gehna would have helped even her if she had been kidnapped. He applies ointment on Gehna’s hand injuries. Gehna says his support is most important to her. Kanak’s mother Jigna walks in with her bag with sandals on spoiling the floor. Hema stops her and says she mopped the floor just now. Jigna says she can mop the floor again. Hema says she is ordering as if she is the owner of the house. Kanak enters and says she is owner’s mother and shows her Desai family working for her like servants. She orders Gehna to bring tea and snacks for her mother, takes her mother to her room, and says she is not feeling extreme happiness seeing Desai family working for her, she feels something is missing. Jigna suggests to sell the house and gain immense happiness seeing Desais on road. Gehna enters with tea for them and hears their conversation.

Baa is cleaning the room. Bapuji says he’s unable to bear all this. Gehna brings food for him and requests to have it. Kanak takes plate from her and scolds her for serving food to servant before her. Baa asks her to respect her sasurji/FIL. Kanak says servants don’t have right to speak loudly with the owner, continues insulting them, and walks away with plate. Baa gets sad thinking how will Bapuji have his medicine now. Anant takes Bapuji to dining hall and makes him sit on dining chair. Kanak pulls chair away and says its owner’s chair and and not servant’s. Anant warns her to behave with Bapuji. Kanak shouts how dare he is to make a senior servant sit on her chair. Kanak asks Hema to serve food. Hema serves them food. Hema gets tempted seeing it. Kanak scolds her. Hema asks why is she stopping Bapuji from having food. Kanak yells Gehna servant dared to serve food to a senior servant before her and hence none of them will get food today. Hema yells at Gehna. Baa warns her to behave.

Gehna pleads Kanak to at least give food to everyone and punish only her. Kanak orders Gehna to have bitter gourds and with each bitter gourd she eats, one family member will get food. Gehna eats 1 bitter gourd. Kanak allows Bapuji’s plate to be filled and makes him sit on floor. Gehna unable to bear bitterness picks water. Kanak orders not to drink water. Gehna eats bitter gourds and other family members take their food. Anant seeing Gehna’s condition says he doesn’t want to eat. Gehna rushes to washroom to vomit. Anant helps her. Hiral with others spreads bed on floor yelling that they need to sleep like a servant being owners and blames Gehna for their situation. Gehna informs him that they should plan to get back the house as Kanak wants to sell it. Anant is shocked. Gehna says they will buy back house from Kanak. Anant asks if she is mad, how will they arrange so much money. Gehna says Kanak didn’t give them money to get their house, they will use Kanak’s tactics and defeat her in her own game.

Precap: Property agent calls Kanak and says that they heard that she wants to sell Desai house. Anant with Gehna disguised as a parsi couple offers 10 crores to buy Desai house.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Lol….but I really hope the plan works 😁🙏 cause right about now Kanak needs a wake up call….and I dislike her mother even more😬
    As for Hema and that false hiral 😡 when Anant and Gehna gets back the house, they should put those two in the outhouse to live 😬 so they can keep their foolish opinions to themselves😡…………plus they also need to put a lock on Baa’s brain🙄 as this causes a lot of misunderstanding for Gehna 😁🙏

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