Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant’s Surprise Birthday Shopping For Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant and Gehna return home with Bapuji and Paresh. Tia informs that Anant and Gehna returned. Family rejoices while Kanak fumes. Baa happily hugs them and makes them sit. Tia asks if they are fine. Gehna says yes. Baa returns with black thread and asks Gehna to extend her leg. Gehna does same. Baa touches Gehna’s scorpion bite and says only bad is happening to them since a few days, so she will tie black thread to their leg and hand respectively to ward off evil eyes. Kanak feels neck pain and thinks Gehna has evil eyes and spoils all her plans. Baa ties thread and prays god for their good health. Hema says she has served food for all at the dining table as they all didn’t have food yet because Gehna and Anant also didn’t have food yet. Family agrees. Kanak taunts Hema thinks only about food. Chetan backs Hema and warns Kanak not to insult Hema again. Gehna thanks Hema for preparing food for them. Hema says Chetan takes care of her a lot even when she didn’t win contest, all because of Gehna. Gehna and Hema hug. Hema asks to have food properly and gain some weight like her.

In the morning, Gehna dries her hair after bath when Anant enters with coffee for them. She thanks him and says its not for only for coffee but for protecting her and taking care of her; she says that lady told that her husband takes care of her so much and loves her, she then stops and Anant stands reminiscing rejecting her proposal. He says even she takes care of everyone and makes her fill hall ticket form. She writes 9th April as her birth date on form. He sends her to cook breakfast. He thinks its Gehna’s birthday tomorrow and he has to celebrate it lavishly, but before that, needs to shop a lot. Radhika calls him and asks how is he. He says better than before and asks if he can talk to her later as he needs to go for shopping. She says he is ill, so she will order whatever he wants. He says its Gehna’s birthday tomorrow and he needs to shop for her. She comments dil diya aur dard liya; when she gave heart, she got the pain pain. He asks what does she mean. She says when he has married Gehna, and when he has given his heart, he has to bear pain; she insists to accompany him for shopping and he agrees. Radhika says she is sending her car to pick him up.

Anant walks down. Gehna says he’s unwell and going out.he says he has to submit her form first and then shop… but then says that the clinic is near the shop and he has to go there too. She says she will accompany him and goes to bring her mobile from kitchen. He gets Radhika’s message and thinks if Gehna accompanies him, she will find out his surprise gift, so he shouldn’t take her. Gehna returns hurriedly and sees Anant leaving in a car. She thinks whose car is it and reminiscing morning incident thinks he has already loved Radhika the way she loves him. Kanak sees Anant leaving in Radhika’s car and smirks thinking Anant flew away with Radhika.

Anant reaches jewelry shop and gets confused while selecting necklace for Gehna. Radhika walks in. Salesman misunderstands her as Anant’s wife says good she came as Anant was confused which one to select. Radhika says she is not Anant’s wife, his wife is more prettier than her and in fact won this year’s Mrs. Surat competition. She tries necklaces. At home, Gehna thinks Anant shouldn’t have gone without informing, she will scold him once he returns. Paresh and Tia notice her blabbering. Anant calls him and asking not to tell he called informs that tomorrow its Gehna’s birthday and he has arranged a surprise birthday party and gift for Gehna. Paresh hears Radhika’s voice and asks who is she. Anant says Radhika. Paresh warns him not to call Radhika for Gehna’s birthday party tomorrow. Anant agrees and asks him not to inform Gehna about surprise party. Paresh agrees and informs Tia about Gehna’s surprise birthday party.

Radhika tries necklace and asks Anant how is she looking. He says very pretty and says if she likes this necklace so much then she should take it from his side as her wedding gift, he will buy another necklace for Gehna and picks one. Radhika gets jealous and thinks that he is doing ladies’ shopping for the first time but for Gehna ; she asks if she can attend Gehna’s birthday party tomorrow. He says he didn’t see her with her husband yet, when is she introducing him to her husband. She says her husband only focuses on her when she is around him and she is very happy that she got more than she desired. Anant asks salesman to bill and pack the necklace. He says he needs 30 minutes to polish it and then pack. Radhika says its okay and tells Anant that her house is nearby and they can return after 30 minutes. He agrees. She thinks she is not taking him to her home, but making a way to enter his house.

Precap: Gehna wishes herself happy birthday and thinks if Anant is planning a surprise party for her. Family celebrates Gehna’s birthday and Hema asks Anant where is Gehna’s surprise gift. Radhika enters and Anant says she will stay here from hereon.

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  1. Why Anant can’t see through Radhika. He shouldn’t have invited her to stay in his house without thinking about Gehna’s feelings. Now Kanak and Radhika will make Gehna’s life hell.

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