Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Desai Family Blames Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa blames Gehna for losing their house. Bapuji cries that his world is shattered. Paresh consoles him. Gehna rushes towards him when Baa stops her and says Bapuji wiped other’s tears and he is crying today because of Gehna. Chetan blames Gehna next. Hema says they will go to her parents’ house and she will inform her pappa. Anant says his friend has a vacant house and he will speak to his friend. Bapuji stops him. Chetan says where will they stay then and cook food.

Kaank celebrates with a pizza and music after grabbing the house from Desai family. Door bell rings. She opens it yelling. Gehna walks in and ignoring her yelling and picks blankets from cupboard. She then confronts Kanak that she blindly trusted and respected her, Anant is right that Kanak doesn’t deserve respect, she made a mistake but she will not let her family suffer at all; Kanak grabbed the house by trick, but house is made with family and family is with her and Desais have the right on everything in this house. Kanak fumes that she will prove her superiority soon. Gehna takes blankets to family sitting outside the house and asks not to worry as she will make some arrangements for them. She brings bamboo sticks and tries to build a tent injuring her finger. Anant joins her followed by Chetan, Pankaj, Paresh, Sapan. O Bandeya Tere Naal Rabde.. song plays in the background. They build a tent. Gehna says she trusts Kanhaji that he will not let wrong happen to good people. She washes utensils, she then sits outside and cries remembering her words that when they are together, nobody can snatch their family from them. Anant walks out of tent, sees her and remembering her promise to protect the family angrily walks away.

Next morning, Gehna wakes up smelling garbage stink and finds garbage around her. Family walks out next holding their noses. Paresh asks how did this garbage come here. Kanak walks to them and says garbage should be outside the house. Pankaj confronts her followed by Anant. Kanak says she remembers them kicking her out of house like a garbage and its their turn to suffer now. She asks Pankaj to apologize her and enter home, they will live happily. Pankaj says he is happy with his family and hates her for her heinous act. He then tells Chetan that they both will clean the garbage. Baa stops them and says because of whom they are out of the house should clean the garbage, pointing at Gehna. Gehna cleans garbage. Neighbors see them and asks Bapuji what are they doing outside house. Paresh says they are having pest control inside the house and are enjoying picnic outside. Neighbor says it looks like they are being expelled from the house. Paresh says they are fine and sends them away. Gehna seeing Bapuji’s condition offers him water. Bapuji stops her and blames her. Hema blames Gehna next. Gehna seeing Bapuji’s condition deterioting more rushes inside house to get Bapuji’s medicine. Kanak brings medicine box. Baa asks Kanak to give her Praful’s medicine. Kanak orders baa to clean her sandals and take the medicine box in return.

Precap: Kanak throws water on Desai family to shoo them away. Bapuji says this is his house and he will not go. She says she is the queen of this house and orders him to get out with his family.

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  1. Linda balboul

    And here we go again… blaming Gehna for all their problems out of their stupidity. But then again, how stupid could this Gehna be to take all this crap from them time and again?! They will never accept her as a DIL or treat her as such. And this Anant is the worst of them with his wishi washi attitude; either accept her as a wife or let her go to find her own path… I am so happy with what they are encountering now; though I wish Gehna would stop helping them and just leave…

  2. Hmmmm
    I really don’t get why they keep blaming Gehna for their misfortune
    They’re all hypocrite 🙄🙄🙄

  3. Why is Ghena always suffering for the mid deeds of the family members? Hema warned them that Nanak was faking her kidnap but they didn’t listen, they chose to do their rubbish and now suddenly its all blamed on Ghena.

    1. In season 1 also, Gopi was always blamed

  4. Candiva007

    I must be a glutton for punishment because although I say i’m not watching anymore I keep watching. I read the updates but then I want to actually see what is going on. I can’t wait for Genha to find away to beat Kanak at her own game.

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