Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sagar, Kanak, Radhika Unite To Take Revenge From Desais

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Desai family performs Janmastami pooja. Gehna prays Kanhaji that she is standing in front of him because of his blessings and Anant’s support. Anant thinks he will never leave her and will support her. Radha Krishna’s veil flies and falls on them. They look at each other. Baa says they are lucky that Kanhaji blessed them together. She gives veil to Gehna and asks Pankaj and Kanak to swing Bal Gopal. Pankaj holds Kanak’s hand and they together swing Bal Gopal. Kanak thinks Radhika’s game ended, now her game will start tonight, she is back. Gehna offers prasad to inspector. Inspector praises Gehna. Baa says her Gehna is great. Inspector leaves. Activist Vimla says they will leave now and asks Radhika to accompany them as Kanak took back her complaint. Radhika says she needs to talk to them and taking them aside says they think everything is normal, but Kanak took back complaint under pressure; she has a few proofs to prove that Kanak was being tortured and needs to stay here to gather more evidence. Baa prays god to get them rid of Radhika. Vimla says after evaluating whole situation, they decided that Radhika will complete her 1 week stay here and then she will give them final report. Anant asks why will she. Kanak says let her stay here and if something happens to her in 1 week, their associate should take the responsibility. Radhika agrees.

After sometime, Radhika enters Kanak’s room and angrily shouts how dare she is to save Gehna whom she hated most. Kanak warns her to lower her voice as she doesn’t like loud voice; she used her to take revenge from Desais by putting her in water , throwing chandelier on her, and today she tried to kill her with real sword. Radhika nervously turns back and says if it was a real sword, she would have died by now. Kanak shows her real sword. Radhika gets afraid and asks where did she find it. Kanak says that doesn’t matter, she should be thankful to her for saving her and she must not forget that their common enemy is Gehna Desai, so they should unitedly fight against their enemy. Radhika gets thinking.

Anant remembers jailer informing that Sagar escaped from jail and Gehna stabbing Kanak, thinks Gehna will get tensed if he informs her about Sagar’s escape, so he needs to find out Sagar alone. He gets a call from a man who threatens him to leave his secret project if he wants to save his family. He says he is out of that project already. Call gets disconnected. He thinks who is this person who knows that he didn’t leave his job yet. Gehna dreams of Anant meeting with an accident, wakes up worried and goes to search him. She sees Anant standing tensed and thinks he is tensed after losing job. She walks to Anant and says she knew he would be here and found him. He says she got him long back, what is she thinking. She says let us play a game and he needs to hold her finger. He holds her hand. She says she asked to hold her finger. He says for the first time husband lost for holding wife’s hand.

Kanak meets Sagar and welcomes him. Sagar laughs and says Desais are fools to think she saved Gehna, but she trapped her more. Kanak says she will punish whole Desai family this time. He asks how? She says its a secret and says this time nobody can save Desai family. He says Anant thinks he has won. He says let him think so, she is ready to accept small defeat for a big win. Radhika walks to them clapping and says this silent picture is creating sound with battery Sagar, should she reveal to Desai family that their elder bahu helped Sagar escape from jail. Sagar asks what will she get from this. Radhika says peace. Kanak asks her intention. Radhika says madness to destroy Gehna and Anant. Sagar says if they all 3 unite, they can destroy Gehna and Anant easily. Kanak says he is right and if they become a closed fist, nobody can defeat them. Sagar says closed fist is of lakhs and open fist is of dust, what does she need. She shakes hands with them. Kanak says now situation is do or die, either them or us. Sagar says we will be there, a 4th person will join them soon. Kanak says next morning will bring a new challenge for Anant and Gehna.

Precap: Gehna Gets into a cab. Goons kidnap her.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    How to save Desai family without going insane ?? 🤔 any guesses ?? 🙄

  2. ushaprasadshetty

    how many time gehana kidnep what is this a serial or crime petrol

    how many time sagar kidneping is desai family a fool

  3. linda balboul

    Is there a plot in this series any time soon? What is this kidnapping meaningless cycle? Dropped watching the actual drama and reading updates only.

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