Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Decides To Fight Arjun’s Case

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna stops Sikandar from slapping Sarika and warns him that she will break his hand before Surya does if he tries to touch her family member again. Surya also warns Sikandar to dare not try to hit Gehna or else he will not hesitate to murder him. Suhani alleges that Gehna tried to separate Surya from her by getting Urmila in and now made Sarika against her by provoking her. Gehna says Suhani is the one separating people and reminds all her crimes. Surya asks her to shut up. Gehna plays Arjun’s confession accepting all the crimes Sikandar did.

Suhani slaps Sikandar and accuses him of trapping his own BIL, acting as not knowing about his crime. Gehna asks what was she doing at the jail with a tiffin box 30 minutes before Arjun’s confession and reveals that she had gone to meet Sikandar and they both are hands in gloves in all the crimes. Suhani tries to convince Sarika and says she will get Arjun released. Sarika says she will not fall for her tricks again and accuses her that she and Sikandar got innocent in jail for their crimes. She apologizes Gehna for supporting Suhani and Sikandar against her and tries to leave the house.

Gehna wipes her tears and says she will support her and get Arjun out of jail. Suhani and Sikandar request her to stay back and let them get Arjun out of jail. Sarika walks to Gehna’s side. They all walk away. Surya confronts Suhani for supporting Sikandar’s wrongdoings and tells that she is losing all the family members. He warns Sikandar to mend his ways before its too late and accepting his crimes return to jail and get Arjun out. Gehna and her team comfort Sarika. Sarika says she is hungry and needs food. Gehna gets a call and asks the caller to keep it a surprise. Shreya smiles.

Surya walks on terrace recalling today’s incident. Ridhima walks to her with food and says showing her fake concern for him that Gehna shouldn’t have created drama and ruined family’s peace. Gehna says sometimes truth needs to be exposed even if its bitter. Surya shows his concern for Sarika. Gehna says Sarika is fine with her grandparents and SILs and says Sikandar will mend his ways for sure. Suhani on the other side determines to punish Gehna and get Sarika back on her side by somehow getting Arjun out of jail.

Surya asks Gehna if she is planning to get even him on her side. Gehna says she surely does as she always thinks better for him. The topic changes to Urmila. Gehna says he should understand that Urmila abandoned him due to her helplessness. Surya says any helplessness doesn’t allow a woman to abandon her baby and refuses to accept Urmila as her mother. He leaves from there. Gehna then calls Agastya and says they got their first case of proving Arjun innocent.

Next morning, Daadi makes Gehna wear lawyer dress and clicks her pics. Urmila performs her nazar and wishes her good luck for her first day at her work. Surya hears them. Gehna informs that she got a partnership offer in Agastya’s law firm and is working on her first case. Surya wishes her good luck. Ridhima walks to Surya and asks if they can go now as its her first day at his office. Gehna leaves for her work. Daadi wishes her to work well with Agastya to make Surya jealous. Agastya waits for Gehna and expresses his love for her looking at her photo. Gehna enters his office.

Precap: Shreya asks Gehna to fight her divorce case. Gehna agrees and asks Sikandar if he would like his son to hate him.

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