Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anant Finds Alliance For Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna cries holding her parent’s torn gatbandhan. Anant walks in and asks if this her parent’s gatbandhan which tore due to age. Gehna nods yes reminiscing Hema tearing it. Anant says cloth tore, but its bonding is strong. He holds one end and Gehna another end. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He then takes her to his room and offers her black coffee. She says its bitter. He says she will get adjusted to its taste soon and says he is making her profile on matrimonial website and asks what she likes. She says she saw ad about matrimonial website and knows about it. He ask her hobbies. She describes how her mother used to COOK best food and her father used to taunt her, but then used to praise her in front of everyone; she learnt cooking from her mother. She further describes how she and her father used to fly kite on Uttarayan festival and she used to always win; she likes painting, etc. He clicks her pic and corrects her tress. Radhika walks in and asks what is happening, she can tolerate anything but not.., then smiles and says, clicking wrong pic of Gehna. Anant shows her pics. She says Gehna is looking very gorgeous and holding Anant’s hands gets excited to know about his parent’s reaction when they tell them about them.. Anant gets shy and says Gehna is here. She says they can share their personal feelings with Gehna. Gehna nods yes. She walks to Matarani and prays to her to keep Anant and Radhika happy and united. She reminisces Guruji’s warning about upcoming issues and prays to Kanhaji to turn upcoming storm towards her and to always keep Radhika happy with Anant.

Hema scolds maid Alka to work properly in kitchen. Hiral walks in and says maid Gehna is getting married and will leave, and if she pressurizes Alka, even Alkha will leave and then she has to clean utensils. Hema says why will she. Hiral says they have to take Anant along and plan something as Anant is Baa and Bapuji’s favorite and they can use him as guinea pig.

Next morning, Hema gives breakfast to Sagar in his room asking him not to come near her for a few days or else she will be out of this house. Family joins for breakfast. Radhika walks in. Gehna asks her to sit next to Anant. Everyone look at them. Baa permits. Radhika thanks Baa and sits next to Anant. Baa thinks their jodi is pretty. Anant asks Gehna to sit. She says its okay, anyways you all.. Anant says they will get her married, don’t worry she will be happy after marriage. Praful says they will get her married in a lavish way as he has 1 crore rs. Chetan and Pankaj cough hearing that. Anant asks what happened to them. They say chilli. Baa asks Anant if he found a good boy for Gehna. Anant says he uploaded her profile in matrimonial website just yesterday. He gets boys’ profile. Ananth checks one and says this boy is perfect for Gehna, he is from Surath and from a good family. Tia checks pic and shows it to Baa. Baa says he is good. Gehna hugs Baa emotionally and says how can she go away from them. Anant says boy’s house is nearby and she can visit them anytime, they are coming tonight to see Gehna. Praful gives his debit card to take care of expenses, irking Kanak and her team. Anant drops card. Gehna picks it and their heads clash. Kanak looks at them angrily. Anant says he will take care of expenses. Praful says its father’s responsibility and he wants to fulfill it. Anant agrees. Kanak asks him to show boy’s photo and transfers pic to her mobile silently, thinks time will tell if the boy will be prosperous after marrying Gehna.

Precap: Radhika tells Baa and Bapuji that she came here to talk to them about something and says she wants to give a surprise for Gehna. Someone shuts Gehna’s mouth from behind and drags her away.
Kanak rushes to kitchen and thinks Sagar is molesting Gehna again.

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