Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Surya Blames Sikandar For His Malicious Plan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suhani demands locker keys from Kaddu bua. Dimpy Dadi tells her there is no need to give keys to Suhani. Disheartened Kaddu bua says she forgot the value of her as a guest in this house and returns keys to Suhani. Suhani replaces key chain with her old one and fixes keys in her waist smirking. Sikandar says now the real justice happened. Gehna gets into a cab. Cab driver asks where she wants to go. She says wherever fate takes her. Agastya stops his car in front of the cab, walks to the Gehna, and insists her to get out of the car and accompany him to his house. Gehna says she doesn’t want to be a burden on him. He says she is his friend and not a burden and informs that Surya called him and asked him to take her to his house. She agrees and gets into his car and sits sadly.

Kaddu decides to leave Seth mansion. Raju and Surya request her not to go. Kaddu says she wants them to respect her forever and hence leaving the house. She walks away while Surya continues pleading her. Suhani celebrates with Sikandar and Sarika and says Kaddu and Gehna were thinking they are smart, but she overpowered them. Sikandar gets angry on Surya’s misbehavior and says he will punish Surya. Suhani asks him to relax until they get Urmila out of the house and grab her share of property. Surya enters the room and grabbing Sikandar’s collar demands him to tell the truth. Sikandar also holds his collar. Surya tries to punch Sikandar. Suhani stops him and asks if he will beat his brother for Gehna.

Surya says Sikandar trapped Gehna and forced Kaddu to leave the house. Suhani says one who did mistake got punished. Surya says he will expose the truth and asks suhani what was the locker key bead doing in Suhani’s bag. Sarika gets tensed thinking Suhani will be exposed now. Suhani says she doesn’t know how it came in her bag. Sikandar says Gehna must have planted it in Suhani’s bag to trap her. Sarika also blames Gehna and asks why is he bothered about Gehna when he wants to divorce her. Surya says he hasn’t divorced her yet. Suhani tries to emotionally blackmail him. Surya says Gehna is as important to him as Suhani and challenges to investigate the matter and prove Gehna innocent. Suhani and her team get tensed hearing that.

Agastya takes Gehna to his house and nervously hides things. She asks what is he hiding. He nervously says what can a bachelor hide. Gehna says he hasn’t changed since his college days, she will set his house right. Agastya says of course when she has come. Gehna asks what does he mean. He says he is hungry and asks her to prepare something for him. Surya calls him. Gehna excitedly asks if it’s Surya’s call. Agastya lies its his colleague’s, goes aside, and tells Surya that he need not worry as Gehna is fine. Surya thanks him and asks if he can meet Gehna. Agaystya says of course he can meet his wife. Surya thanks him again.

Agastya then enjoys food prepared by Gehna and asks her to enjoy the food. Gehna say she cannot have food when Surya is hungry, says she wants to prove herself innocent and return home to Rajesh, Dimpy, Urmila, and Surya. Agastya says she can start a new life if she wants to. Gehna says not without Surya. Agastya tries to provoke her against Surya saying he didn’t stand up for her. Gehna says its easy to fight with the world but not with the family, especially a mother. She says Surya crossed his limit to help her and she cannot forget it. She requests him if he will help her. He assures her that he will help her till his last breath.

Suhani gets tensed recalling Surya’s challenge. She calls her aide and asks how much time will it take. Sikandar asks if someone is coming. Suhani says her sister and Gehna’s sautan. Agastya looks at Gehna while she is asleep. Surya visits him. Agastya asks him to walk in slowly as Gehna is sleeping. Surya says he will watch Gehna once and then will leave. Agastya agrees. Surya sits next to Gehna. Gehna holds his hand in sleep and requests him not to leave her. Surya cries emotionally and expresses his love for her.

Precap: Gehna disguised as an interviewee enters Sikandar’s office and searches for clue. She finds Sahukar’s card and thinks it means. Someone keeps a hand on her shoulder.

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