Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Plans To Kidnap Anant

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Judge announces Radhika and Gehna as winners of today’s competition round. Host says they will meet again for their most awaited finale after 2 days. Kanak and Hema get jealous after losing. Tia hugs Gehna and says nobody ramp walked barefooted till now, she did it and gave a very nice reply. Other contestants congratulate Gehna. Gehna thanks them for their support. Anant walks to her and says she has so much swelling in her foot and should have denied his request to participate in competition. Radhika gets jealous seeing Anant’s concern for Gehna. Anant praises Gehna and says her leg has swollen more now and her health is important to him than this competition. He goes to bring the car. Radhika purposefully clashes with him. He apologizes and tries to leave. She asks him to close her dress zip. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Radhika requests again. He is about to close zip when Gehna does it. Radhika turns and thanks Anant, but gets angry seeing Gehna. Kanak tells Hema that Dobi Duffer is flying high, her feathers are Anant, they should send Anant away from her, orders to call Sagar and says this year not holika but someone else’s dahan will be performed.

Hema and Kanak go to market to meet Sagar. Sagar disguised as a beggar meets them. Kanak scolds him thinking him as beggar. He reveals his identity. She asks him to execute her plan carefully and explains it. She determines to teach Gehna and Anant a lesson.

Anant applies herbal paste on Gehna’s foot and asks her to study well for her tests. She practices English. He corrects her pronunciation and asks her to record her pronunciation and listen where she is going wrong; just like she is working hard with full confidence for Mrs Surat competition, she should study with full confidence and continue even if he is with her or not. She asks him not to say that and says her foot pain is little now. Baa enters with turmeric halwa and feeds her to heal her foot. Anant gets call and informs Baa that he got a call for job interview in Mumbai and will leave tonight itself. Sagar had called Anant (it seemed so as he was holding phone in his hand) and informs Kanak that her 50% work is done. Kanak says rest of the 50% work will be finished tomorrow.

Kanak applies face pack and asks Pankaj to find a matching nail polish for her. Hema enters and laughs seeing her face. Kanak says she doesn’t know what all they should do to win beauty competition. Anant gets ready to travel. Gehna gets sad. He says he is going for a good work and she should smile. She wishes him all the best and shakes hand with him. Gehna reminisces him rejecting her proposal. Tia enters and says company’s car came to pick him up, so he should come down soon. He leaves with his bag waving at Gehna. Gehna feels something wrong will happen. Anant takes Baa and Bapuji’s blessings. Bapuji wishes him to return successful. Chetan and Pankajj also wish him all the best. Baa asks if he packed all the stuff. He says Gehna arranged his bag. Gehna performs god’s pooja first and then performs his aarti. He walks away. Gehna stands sad. Tia cheers her up. Kanak thinks who knows if he will return or not, even Anant doesn’t know that the car which came to pick him up will take him to hell.

Anant sees driver taking different route and asks him to take the highway route. Driver doesn’t listen to him, stops car in a secluded place, and runs away. Sagar’s goon puts prepper spray into his eyes and kidnaps him. Gehna drops pooja thali at home. Hema says its abshagun. Her son says he dropped it instead while running towards Gehna. Gehna says its a mistake and picks thali. Hema says now heart will get doubt, Anant just left home. Paresh says god forgives mistake done by mistake. Kanak says even then she feels nervous for Anant. Gehna calls him and informs that he is not picking call, she is feeling very tensed. Paresh asks her to calm down, Anant will call back once he sees her call. Hema smirks and thinks Anant will not return home. Kanak thinks Anant is where they sent him.

Precap: Gehna says they should file police complaint. Hema nervously says what will they tell in police station as they have no evidence about who kidnapped Anant. Gehna sensing Hema and Kanak’s tension says they should go to police station.

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  1. Hello all
    Just wanting to ask why kanak Babhi only has one expression? No matter the scene it’s the wide eyes and one look.. it’s been like this since the start .
    It’s starting to annoy me

  2. Amal

    Lmaooo I don’t even know why they wasting money on this nonsense

  3. Pari and Amal so true, I’ve been saying same, I don’t watch this but everytime I’m flicking thru Khanak and Hema always have those facial expressions which says there is no sense to this show

  4. They are always getting away with their evil plans, dont know when they will disgrace them openly ,it will be more interesting if they always get caught in their own web.

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