Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna Horrifies Suhani

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna determines to make Suhani shed blood tears for troubling Surya. Shreya asks her to leave from there before someone watches them. Gehna picks fake footsteps from the ground and leaves. Sarika returns from the kitchen and gets tensed seeing Suhani unconscious on floor. Family gathers. Surya wakes her up. She looks at them confused. Dadaji jokes if she got memory loss. Suhani says she saw her again. Sarika says mom saw a lady ghost. Daadi asks not to take the name or else ghost becomes more powerful. Surya asks who believes in ghost during these times. Dadaji says there is no time for the ghost, they have heard many stories regarding ghost and people even lose mental balance. Gehna signals Shreya. Shreya asks Daadi why don’t she call a tantrik who wards off ghost with chilli smoke, stinky socks, and one tight slap. Daadi says she will call the lady tantrik who is well versed in warding off ghosts. Gehna asks everyone to go and rest now and taunts Suhani. She then silently plays Urmila’s voice frightening Suhani more.

Next morning, Gehna prays at the temple with Urmila and takes her blessings. She tells Urmila that Surya soon will accept Urmila with dignity and love and promises to unite Urmila with Surya. She further says that her plan is working and Suhani is getting weaker each day. Urmila says Suhani will not give up easily and will attack back for sure, she is very dangerous and is expert at turning the table in her favor. Gehna says Urmila’s statement is invalid without any proof in the court, so she will make Suhani confess her crime. She comforts her and takes her home.

Suhani wakes up and tells Sarika that she sometimes feels that Gehna is behind all this and is playing with her mind. Sarika asks her to take a relaxing shower. Suhani enters bathrom, notices a message on the mirror with blood, screams, and rushes out of the bathroom. Gehna enters silently, wipes off the message, and escapes. Sarika enters the bathroom, sees nothing written, comes out and informs Suhani that nothing is written on the mirror.

Gehna slips while getting out of Suhani’s bathroom via the bathroom pipe. Surya notices her and asks if she went to Suhani’s bathroom via pipe. She nervously blabbers and tries to leave. Surya asks if she is fine. She nods yes. He gives her ointment. She asks if the ointment can heal the pain in her heart. He walks away silently. She notices divorce papers and feels disheartened to see Surya’s signatures on them.

Precap: Sarika bumps into Urmila and asks who is she. Gehna and her team get tensed seeing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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