Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Wins Next Round With Her Intelligence

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa drops slippery herbal paste bowl on Gehna’s foot. Gehna writhes in pain. Baa feels guilty. Kanak says to Baa that she dropped hot herbal paste on Gehna. Gehna says Baa didn’t do it purposefully. Baa says she didn’t know how she dropped it, prepares fresh paste, and applies it on Gehna’s foot carefully. Gehna emotionally hugs her and says she cured her so soon. Baa says women forget about themselves while serving family, so she should take care of herself as well. Gehna gets more emotional. After sometime, Gehna tries to wear her slipper. Anant noticing that helps her. She says her leg is very swollen and she cannot even walk. He says he will make her practice and fixing slippers in her feet asks her to walk. She walks and slips on him. Their eyes meet. Radhika with her 2 friends walks in and asks what is he doing. Anant makes Gehna sit. Radhika says to him that she needs to talk something important and takes him along. Radhika’s midget friend asks how is she. Gehna says she cannot even stand, so she will not participate in tomorrow’s competition. Midget friend says many boys rejected her due to her short stature, so she decided to become something, she loves herself. Another friend shows her burnt face and says her husband did it and she fought a battle alone confidently, hence Gehna also shouldn’t lose hope. Radhika holding Anant’s hand says she knows he is worried for Gehna and wants her to succeed in life, but if Gehna walks on her feet, she will worsen her condition, so he shouldn’t let her participate in competition as many similar opportunities would come in the future. Hema backs her and says though Anant doesn’t love Gehna, he cares for her. Radhika requests again to withdraw Gehna’s name from competition tomorrow.

At the venue, Kanak, Radhika, and Hema rejoice thinking Gehna will not participate in competition today and Kanak decides to take a selfie. Kanak taunts Hema. Chetan with kids walks in and tells Hema that his dignity will be tarnished if she doesn’t win today and should withdraw from competition. Hema cries while Kanak smirks. At home, GEhna tells Tia its time for contest, she will try wearing sandals. Tia asks her to try fixing sandal in her foot and says due to walking last night, her swelling increased and she cannot walk on stage without sandals. Gehna prays Kanhaji for help.

Back at the venue, host announces about best western outfit contest and calls Radhika. Radhika ramp walks first and then Kanak. Everyone claps for Kanak. Hema enters wearing skirt and blazer. Chetan and kids get angry seeing her. Guest comment if she is walking or pushing herself. She completes ramp walk. Host then calls Gehna with a long introduction. Gehna delays. Host says this is last announcement for her. Anant thinks if Gehna can walk on stage with sprained leg. Gehna enters wearing sari and holding pooja thali with a bhajan in the background. Everyone clap for her. Judges converse that she came barefooted wearing Indian sari, so she is disqualified. Gehna completes ramp walk. Judge says she broke contest rules and came barefooted for ramp walk, so she is disqualified. Baa and Bapuji get tensed hearing that and Kanak/Radhika get happy. Judge asks why did she wear sari for western outfit round. Gehna says another judge is wearing sari, that doesn’t mean she is not modern; sari is a symbol of Indian woman and when they hold pooja thali, they don’t wear footwear. Judge asks if she means other contestants who wore western outfits and sandals are not Indian women. Gehna says Indian women have different forms and different faces and nobody can stop them from progressing; people taunt Indian women even for wearing short clothes; if an Indian woman goes to America wearing sari and bindi, the Indians living there feel proud of her; this is Mrs. Surat contest and this sari depicts that how much ever progressive Gujrati woman is, she never forgets her roots; when its regarding tourism, the gujjuism is seen by the world. Everyone clap for her. Judge agrees and says her point is 100% valid. She thanks judge. Host requests judges to announce the winner. Judge gives a long speech and says there are 2 winners today, its a tie, first winner is Mrs. Radhika Virani and second Mrs. Gehna Desai. Family happily claps while Kanak feels embarrassed.

Precap: Gehna drops pooja thali. Hema says its a big abshagun. Somone kidnaps Anant.

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  1. Why is this serial existing? Most bogus ‘Bengali type’ serial. Most go off air soon.

  2. For God’s sake, what’s with Kanak and Hema facial expressions? They are horrible!!!!

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