Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sagar Attacks Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna meets Vinit and gives his mother and his photo frame saying she decorated his shattered memory again. Vinit gets happy seeing his mother’s photo and says its more beautiful than before, how did she do that. She says she cleaned it with warm water first and then framed it. He happily thanks her again and continues looking at it. Sagar hiding his face in a car honks repeatedly. Gehna notices it. Vinit asks what happened. She says nothing. He says he has to go for a meeting, so he will drop her on the way. He gives photoframe to the driver to keep it inside and tells Gehna that he will just come. Sagar tries to ram car on Gehna. Gehna escapes. He walks towards her and reveals his face, says his car is waiting for her and he will not spare her today. He holds her. She resists and pleads to leave her. He tries to sniff her chloroform when Vinit hits him and asks how dare he is to misbehave with a woman. Sagar pushes him aside and misbehaves with Gehna again. Vinit beats Sagar again. Sagar injures his hand with knife and holds Gehna, says she has to go with him. Vinit’s driver and few men rush in and brutally trash Sagar. Gehna asks Vinit if he is fine. Sagar runs towards Gehna saying gahinaa, slips, falls on a stone and collapses.

Anant searches Gehna at home. Paresh walks to him. Anant says Gehna needs to study for exam. Hema informs him that Gehna went to Radhika’s house to return Vinit’s mother’s photo. Anant says he told her not to go alone. He calls Gehna and stands tensed murmuring Sagar. Hema worried asks what happened to Sagar. Gehna rushes Sagar to hospital and prays god to save him. Nurse bandages Vinit’s injury. Radhika rushes to Vinit. Gehna informs her that Vinit saved her from Sagar and says her husband is a good man. Anant comes there and hears that. Family enters next. Hema asks Gehna where is her brother. Doctor comes out of ICU and informs that patient’s condition is very critical due to blood loss and they are trying their best to revive him. Hema panics, and Gehna consoles her. Kanak signals Radhika. Radhika tells Vinit that he must be tired, so they should return home. Vinit asks Anant to call him if he needs his help. Anant says ya sure. Radhika asks him to go ahead, she will come after telling Anant about the project. He agrees and walks away. Radhika asks Anant to come to office early tomorrow to discuss about project as Vinit is going out of town tomorrow. He agrees. She thinks nobody can stop her from getting what she wants. Gehna consoles Hema. Kanak yells at her to stop her fake concern. Gehna says though she wants Sagar to be punished for his heinous acts, she doesn’t want him to pay for them by his death; Sagar is Hema’s brother and she knows how to handle relationships. Paresh says she is right.

At home, Baa asks Bapuji if he informed about Sagar’s condition to Dashrath. Bapuji says yes. Baa says she is worried as they haven’t returned from the hospital. Hiral says whatever happened was not good. Tia says Sagar tried to harm Gehna so many times and with whatever he did today, he is punished for his sins. Gehna returns with family. Chetan says she is right as Sagar paid for his sins. Hema stands shattered. Gehna hugs her and says whatever happened was an accident and soon Sagar will be fine. Hema doesn’t react. Kanak thinks she set spark in Hema’s heart and should wait for fire, real drama will start when Sagar regains consciousness in the morning.

Next morning, Gehna sees Anant leaving for job and asks if he is going early today. He says he has lots of pending work and says she must be concerned that he is going to Radhika, she should be assured that he goes to her office just for work. Gehna thinks don’t know why she feels weird that they both are working together. Anant asks her to finish household chores and study for her exam. She says she will visit hospital with Hema. He permits and asks her to return soon and study for her exam. She thinks she just wants Sagar to get well soon.

Radhika wearing formal dress meets Anant outside office and says she is ready like before and without Vinit’s presence, she has got a chance to lead the project for the first time. He nods yes. She thinks she is ready the way he used to like her, she is not illiterate like his wife, and soon he will love her again. She sees him tensed and asks reason. He says Gehna wants to visit hospital, when Gehna goes anywhere alone, he gets really tensed for her. Radhika says he need not worry as Gehna is all-rounder, she cooks food really well, says she forgot her tiffin today, so they both can have lunch at a nearby restaurant. Anant says Gehna packed tiffin for him, she prepared food with so much love and will be hurt if he doesn’t finish her given tiffin. Radhika thinks he is hurting her instead, she will make sure he will have lunch with her. He asks where is she lost. She asks if he got project details email. He shows it on his mobile. She walks closer to him and looks at his face. He senses that and takes a step backdwards. She acts as slipping, and he holds her. She thinks she will get him for sure.

Precap: Sagar acts as incurring memory loss and behaving like a child asks if Gehna mamma will take him home. Hema says she cannot send Sagar to rehabilitation center. Gehna says Sagar will go home with them.

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