Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Plans Against Radhika

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Host calls Mrs. Virani on stage. Radhika walks in. Desai family is shocked to see her. People there clap for her. Host says this was round 1 and he will announce 9 names which will move to next round. He brings chits from one of the judges and announces names. Gehna stands tensed. Kanak smirks thinking Gehna will be out in first round itself. Host says last but not the least Mrs. Gehna Desai. Everyone clap while Kanak and Hema get jealous. Host says these 9 faces will participate in talent round tomorrow. Anant thinks whom did Radhika marry, he needs to speak to her. He asks a lady about Radhika’s greenroom. Lady says Mrs. Virani already left. Kanak asks if she is searching Radhika. He says she is his friend and he wants to apologize her. He congratulates her, Gehna, and Hema for winning first round. Kanak says it was sure of her to get selected, Gehna and Hema are at risk. Anant says being overconfident can be dangerous. Hema taunts that Kanak is having risk from Radhika.

Back home, during dinner, Bapuji says he is having sweets with Paresh to celebrate all 3 bahus clearing 1st round. Baa gifts her family jewelry to all 3 bahus. Kanak tells Hema this is old-fashioned. Gehna makes Baa sit and serves her sweets and gets engrossed in thoughts. Hema asks what is she thinking. Kanak says she’s thinking about Radhika. Door bell rings. Anant opens door and is shocked to see Radhika. Radhika asks if he will not ask her to come in. He takes her in. Family is shocked to see Radhika. She greets Baa and Bapuji and says she was remembering them a lot, so she came without informing them. Baa says she did right. Anant apologizes her for his misbehavior and alleging her wrongly and says it was Sagar who did wrong. She asks him to forget the past. He asks why did she marry suddenly and who is her husband. She says he is a businessman and loves her a lot, they decided to marry each other as soon as he proposed her as they didn’t want a third person interfere between them; asks if he is not happy. He says of course he is happy. Paresh invites her for dinner. She touches Baa’s feet and pulls chair next to Anant. Gehna sits on it, surprising family. Radhika says she will sit somewhere else and sits next to her. She asks Kanak what will she perform tomorrow. Kanak says obviously dance. She asks Anant what should she perform. He says she is perfect in everything, but is best at singing. She asks what will Gehna perform. Kanak says Gehna knows only cooking. Gehna says she will do something for sure. Radhika leaves greeting them and smirking.

Gehna in her room thinks what she should do tomorrow, thinks of dance, then thinks she won by mistake last time; thinks of singing and crafting. Anant enters and making her sit asks if she is thinking what she should do in talent round, she is very talented and should do whatever her heart says as they perform best when something is done from the heart. Gehna thanks him for filling confidence in her.

Next morning, Kanak walks to Radhika’s make up room and gives her spiked water thinking she cannot let her sing well and win competition. Radhika drinks water. Host calls Kanak on stage. Kanak walks on stage and dances on Yeh Chori Badi Drama Queen Everyone clap for her. Host calls Radhika on stage next. Radhika feels her throat problem. Gehna reminisces Anant’s words and thinks she knows what to perform. Radhika walks on stage and sings Tinka Tinka Zara, leaving Kanak shocked. Anant gets engrossed in her song. Kanak thinks she drank spiked water, then how is she singing.

Precap: Gehna hears Radhika telling Kanak that she will let her win competition if she helps her get back Anant.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. why no comments on this share

    1. This show is a trash. Most disgusting serial. So it must go off air soon.

  2. Never liked Radhika after seeing her evil ways towards Gehna. Would love to see Gehna win over Kanak and Radhika and Anant finally realizing his love for Gehna. Radhika says her husband loves her a lot so why ruin Anant and Gehna.

  3. I read on tellychakkar, that people prefer Radhika as she’s smart and classy like a today’s lady , but Saathiya is all about an illiterate becoming a queen.
    In my opinion, Radhika isn’t that wrong, imagine you being in a relationship with someone for five long years and one day that person marries someone else….yes I know it’s a daily soap…And mark my words about what will happen in future –
    They will demote Radhika to a clear vamp which will make Gehna mahaan.And then Anant will fall for her saying that whatever was with Radhika was just friendship,he realized the meaning of true love seeing Gehna’s mahaanta,etc etc. Or if they don’t get trps they will show that Radhika never loved Anant and was after him for his money,etc etc. Rashmi Sharma is very quick in changing tracks if trps don’t come.In Saathiya 1 they made Gopi’s doctor a negative character when the track didn’t get trp.
    Now you must be wondering why I watch the show still? Because I really like the acting of the actor who plays Sagar…

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