Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Is Alleged

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak’s sari pallu catches fire and she runs out shouting. Family rushes to her and Gehna tearing her pallu throws it far away. Anant sets fire off. Radhika records the video. Anant checks Gehna’s burnt hands. Pankaj drapes blanket over Kanak. Kanak complains Radhika that family tried to burn her alive. Baa asks Kanak why is she lying. Radhika opens her diary and says she will note down Kanak’s complaints in one column and her remarks in the other, Kanak complained that Desai family tried to burn her alive. Gehna says she cannot wrongly allege them. Radhika asks then who set the fire. Kanak thinks Desais wouldn’t stoop low to set her on fire, it must be Radhika’s plan and she has returned back strong to take revenge from them. After sometime, Anant asks Gehna why did she set off the fire with her hands. Gehna says if she had not set off the fire, then Kanak and Radhika would have put them in trouble. Baa says Kanak and Radhika are very wicked and intelligent and their family is in danger. Anant says he will fix hidden cameras around the house.

After sometime, Anant touches his parents’ feet and informs that he is going out of house. Radhika walks to him and says good he himself is going on a date with her. Anant angrily frees his hand and says whole family knows her intentions, so he will not go with her. Gehna backs him. Radhika hits Kanak with a stick. Kanak shouts in pain and asks why is she beating her if Anant is not going on a date with her. Radhika says Kanak’s MIL is beating her. Kanak asks her to beat her more. Baa asks her to stop. Radhika warns Anant to go on a date with her or else she will file a police complaint and send his mother to jail. Gehna says she will go to jail instead. Baa says she will also, whole family joins. Gehna says she cannot allege them all. Radhika stands fuming.

Anant goes to market. Gehna gets busy cooking. Radhika walks to her and says she sent her husband alone to market, who knows he may fall for some other girl and she may end up being gharwali and her husband flirts with baharwali/outsider. Gehna says she trusts her husband. Radhika shows her live video where a girl alleges Anant of eve teasing and gathers mob. Mob demands to blacken his face and humiliate him. Gehna rushes out to rescue Anant. Baa, Hema, Hiral meet society ladies to discuss about Janmastami celebrations. One of them shows Anant’s video and they all humiliate Baa that her son is characterless and ruined her family’s name, etc. Baa cryingly walks away from there. Mob holds Anant while girl blackens her hands and heads towards Anant to blacken his face. Anant resists but in vain. Just then Gehna enters, stops the girl, gives her a tight slap, and warns her to dare not step near her husband. She says her husband doesn’t even look at any other woman, she is wrongly alleging her husband. A woman yells that wife like her blindly trusts her husband and protects him. Another woman says she should slap her husband instead and stop him from eve teasing other girls.

Radhika shows video to Bapuji and asks if he gave such a sanskar to his son, its good that she didn’t marry Anant or else she would have married a characterless man. She asks to see how his son is eve teasing a girl in the middle of road. Baa snatches phone from her, says Radhika has trapped her son, and tries to break the phone. Bapuji stops her. Radhika says she came here to trouble them and if they try to resist, they will face dire consequences. Gehna asks girl again to stop falsely alleging her husband. Girl says her husband pinched her from behind. Mob insists her to punish the culprit/Anant and try to hit him. Gehna comes in between. Anant holds the stick and protects Gehna.

Precap: A chandelier falls towards Kanak.
Family stands shocked noticing it. Gehna shouts Kanak bhabhi..

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  1. Honestly the series is getting boring. Childishly I must say. I had initially thought the drama was to portray the bond of families and the power of forgiveness. Everything is going in circles.. It is all about Kanak, Kanak and more about Kanak. And now comes Radikha again. Boring!

    1. Yes.. you are write. I agree with you. It’s going booring and booring.

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Giving this serial the silent treatment til something positive begins πŸ˜ΆπŸ™„πŸ˜¬ …..but before I do so, let me just say that………I hope the chandelier falls directly on Kanak’s head……knocking her unconscious……and when she wakes up there is memory loss……and she begins to praise Gehna and Anant for being the loving family she always dreamed of……the end. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Yes I agree most boring story… does not make sense. This should end now.

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