Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Challenges Kanak

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna confronts Mayuri not to differentiate between students even after being a teacher. She turns and stands tensed seeing Anant. Anant says she forgot her phone at home, so he came to give it; he had not thought to see all this here, she handled situation beautifully and he is proud of her. He tells Mayuri that he didn’t expect it from her, a teacher is maa Saraswati’s form and she insulted maa Saraswati with her behavior, so he will not let Gehna study under her. Mayuri justifies herself that she didn’t do anything wrong by asking Gehna to clean classroom as she is doing it as a maid from before. Anant says she fears that Gehna will gain knowledge and become more competent than her, a day will come when Gehna will become more educated than her. He takes away Gehna from there saying she shouldn’t study under such a teacher. Mayuri informs Kanak about the incident. Kanak fumes on Gehna and thinks she will show Gehna her place after winning Mrs. Surat competition.

Anant walks out of school with Gehna and says he knows how she is feeling, she handled the situation with Mayuri beautifully and its better not to study under Mayuri. Gehna cries asking why this happens only to her. He says he will fulfill her dream of becoming an advocate, tells that she should study at home till 12th and then she can go to college for her LLB degree. He asks her to cheer up and offers her to buy pani puri. Tia with Paresh calls Gehna and asks where is she and tells that Anant bhai went to give her (Gehna’s) phone to her. Gehna says she is not going to have pani puri with Anant. Tia asks her not to agree even if Anant insists a lot. Anant asks Gehna if she will have pani puri. She says no. Paresh asks her to show her importance and not agree easily. Anant offers her pani puri and she munches it happily.

Mona measures Kanak’s waist and says its perfect and she will design all her dresses accordingly. Hema tries to measure her waist unsuccessfully. Mona says its time for Kanak’s herbal juice. Gehna with Anant returns home. Kanak says Gehna is her team partner and asks her to prepare herbal juice for her. Gehna agrees. Kanak says they should choose a name for their team and suggests bahu power. Gehna says name is good, but the power of this name should also be visible. Kanak gives her whole day’s schedule to Gehna and says she can trust only her and moreover, she is learning to cook continental dishes so cooking international dishes will be very easy for her. Gehna says cooking is her hobby and serving her family is her duty, so she need not worry. She checks Kanak’s menu and prepares green herbal soup and camino salad looking at online videos. She then serves juice to Kanak. Kanak thanks her and asks to prepare her dinner. Gehna asks Hema what she wants to have. Hema says hot dhokla. Gehna agrees. Mona messages Mrs Virani that her work is in progress as planned and she will finish it as she desires.

Kanak gets ready in gown and walks to family. Family praises her. Gehna notices her wearing different sandals pair and informs her. Kanak says she didn’t notice it and asks Gehna to bring hers sandal from room and change them. Tia asks why would Gehna bring her sandal. Kanak says her dress is heavy and she cannot walk up. Gehna reminisces Kanak’s excitement to win the competition and agrees. Kanak thinks she purposefully wore different sandals to make Gehna bend in front of her. Gehna brings sandal and bends to change them. Bapuji stops her. Gehna says its okay. Anant enters and asks Gehna to stand up and confronts Kanak. Kanak says she will also help Gehna if she needs it. Anant says she can help her now and asks Gehna to bring pooja thali from temple. Gehna removes her sandals and brings thali. Anant tells Kanak that Gehna cannot touch her sandals, so she should fix them in Gehna’s feet. Tia also insists. Kanak says Anant is insulting her. Anant says she was just acting. Kanak says he cannot compare her with Gehna as she is well educated and more beautiful than Gehna and any maid can work like Gehna. Gehna says she thought they are a team and she considered her as elder sister, but she didn’t consider her as younger sister; she hopes Kanak wins competition and says she will not assist her in competition now. Anant says now Gehna will take part in competition and will compete against Kanak. Kanak laughs that if he thinks Gehna can defeat her in competition. Anant challenges that Gehna will compete against her and even defeat her.

Precap: Kanak insults fellow contestants. Gehna tells Anant that Kanak’s thinking is wrong, she thought she is unfit to take part in competition but she will compete now.

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