Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Desai Family Expels Kanak Out Of Their House

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak is shocked to know that Anant and Gehna disguised as Mr and Mrs Irani tricked her. Baa asks Gehna to tell this woman that she is not her bahu/DIL anymore and asks her to get out of this house as she doesn’t belongs to this house anymore. Kanak holds Gehna’s feet and pleads her to request Baa not to kick her out of this house as she is Baa’s bahu and will not make any mistake again. Gehna says she made a sin, mistakes are forgiven and not sins; she asks if she was not ashamed to force Baa to clean her sandal, she made Bapuji work in this age, and made her husband a servant; she would have forgiven her if she had troubled her, but she troubled the whole family; Kanak got good relationships, but she ruined them with her greed. Kanak hits herself with her sandal shouts its her punishment. Gehna stops her and says they will not fall for her drama today and orders her to get out of this house. Jigna shouts Gehna doesn’t have any right to kick an elder bahu out of her house. Pankaj says Kanak is no more this house’s bahu as he is breaking all the ties with her and gives her divorce papers. Jigna takes Kanak away.

Baa asks Gehna and Anant to get out of house. Anant shocked asks why is she saying this. Baa gets adamant. They walk out of house. Hiral and Hema bring aarti thali. Baa performs their graha pravesh and emotionally says this house is her temple and they got it back to her. Anant hands over property papers to Bapuji. Bapuji says light returned to their life just like there is light on Diwali day and they will decorate their house like it is Diwali. Desai family decorates house. Bapuji with Paresh decorates temple with lamps and flirts with Baa. Hema says they prepared all the snacks. Paresh asks where are Anant and Gehna. Gehna watches stars from Anant’s telescope. Anant asks what is she doing here. She says she is watching stars and fears any unusual event doesn’t happen again. He says she is too good and nothing wrong will happen now. He kneels down and says she did so much for him and his family and fulfilled all the responsibilities, but he never thanked her and she never expected thank you from him; elders united them and now he wants to unite with her by himself. She holds his hand stating that she will stand by him.

Baa and Bapuji perform god’s aarti followed by Anant and Gehna. Kanak returns to the house clapping and taunts that her sasural people kicked her out and are celebrating Diwali now. Pankaj shouts that they kicked her out of house and she should not come back here again. Women from NGO enter and stop him. Anant asks who are they. They say they fight for women rights. Kanak alleges that they threaten her and demand dowry from her mother, when her mother didn’t have any money left, they kicked her out of house; they physically abuse her. Gehna stops her and informs NGO people that Kanak did all this to them instead, grabbed their house by trick, physically and mentally harassed them, and kicked them out of their house. Kanak shows her fake injuries. Gehna asks if they had given her injuries, they wouldn’t have left any evidence. She asks Anant to twist her hand, says that when someone twists the hand, the thumb mark comes towards the victim’s hand and that isn’t the case with Kanak and then hitting her forehead to a pillar says if someone hits her head on the wall, then the injury will appear at the front and not on the left or right like in Kanak’s case. Kanak asks not to believe her as she is studying law. Gehna says she is but Kanak is plainly lying. Activist says they don’t know what happened in their house, so she they will appoint a special officer who is expert in such cases and made her own place in the society after her husband left her and she took an oath to fight for troubled women’s rights. Radhika is shown as the special officer.

Precap: Radhika enters Desai house and says she is the one who returns troubled women back their husbands and challenges Gehna that she will shatter her house in 7 days. After sometime, she insists Gehna to watch her mobile screen. Gehna gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Is this anupama or sath nibhana sathiya………Kya he ye????????//

    1. Noo this is ghum he kisi ke pyar me

    2. I think this is ghum hai kisikey pyar mein.

    3. sns 2

  2. Kitna dabba track he…Like don’t the ppl of this star plus houses deserve to be happy…….Always rona-dhona….And its radhika* not radha…..Why can’t anant and gehna come together…Why can’t they show kanak’s actual deeds to hema,and make hema a changed and good person…But nooo,they hate to see good ppl happy,now ofc in that video they’ll show gehna telling all those things to anant and do it to kanka,they might morfe the video and make them show that anant is bad…peviously he ruined radhika’s life also,by marrying gehna, now he’s torturing the elder bahu……again gehna will come as maa durga and save her….Please stop this backwass track……I’m not telling this show is waste,but the current track defenitely is….Plzzzzzzzzzz fr GOD SAKE stop this non sense……..Now this 7 days will atleast drag till a month or more than that………

  3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina.

    Wait…..didn’t Radika…..sorry…….didn’t the actress playing Radika🙄 say that she was leaving this serial “Forever” ? 🤔😬

  4. Shrish

    As comparing to other serials of statplus , story of this serial is running fast

  5. Apparently so, there is no real happiness for anyone in these star plus shows, always something to create issues, these couples never gets intimate!! Why?? They live for years together and still dont, I see Gehna sleeps on the floor while Anant sleeps on bed.
    Anyways, I was so glad when Radikha story ended, did not expect her to return 🤦‍♀️
    Khanak is also too over confident and want property, why writers have to disrespect the older generation by having a bahu do those evil deeds? OMG!!

  6. The scene where Kanak returned back was a night scene & when they showed Radhika, it was a day scene, lol.
    Loophole again.

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