Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani Makes A Plan To Shadow Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya tells Gehna that she should rather leave the house instead of Suhani. Urmila feels sad hearing that and walks away. Gehna shocked pleads Surya to listen to her once. Daada and Daadi back her. Surya says its enough now and walks away to his room. Gehna runs behind him and tries to stop him from locking the door. He asks her to move away or else she will be hurt. Gehna says when they together took pheras, how can he take the decision alone without listening to her. He forcefully locks the door. Gehna gets injured and writhes with pain. Surya gets concerned and nurses her finger injury. Gehna asks when he has decided to take divorce, why is he showing his concern then. He acts as rude again.

She asks when he doesn’t care for her at all, why is he showing concern then. He says she is right and tries to leave. She asks him not to take any decision in a hurry and asks when he loves her so much, why he mistrusts her. He says he just trusts his mother and shuts the door on her face again. Chanse Jo Tuta Koi Sapna.. song plays in the background. Gehna sitting near door says he would have remembered the 7 vows which he took with her. Surya says he remembers everything, but he cannot lessen his mother’s value to respect his wife. Gehna recalls all the recent events and questions god why her relationships and patience are always tested. She challenges to give a befitting reply to everyone.

Dada and Dadi bring food for Gehna. They try to calm her down and feed her. Gehna says Surya is blindfolded by Suhani’s fake love and will never change. Dada says he will realize his mistake when he finds out that his real mother Urmila is still alive and then Suhani’s evilness will also be revealed to him. Urmila calls Gehna and pleads her to protect Surya frm Suhani’s villainous motives. Gehna promises to end Suhani’s lies, stop Surya from walking on the wrong path and reunite him with his real mother.

Sarika takes cake to Suhani’s room to celebrate Surya and Gehna’s upcoming divorce. She asks Suhani what did she tell Surya and turned the table in her favor. Suhani says she used emotional blackmail again and got Surya on her feet. Sarika says Suhani hates Gehna to the core. Suhani says she hated Urmila the most who dreamt of sky being on a ground, she wants to ruin the people like Urmila and Gehna who dream big. She further suspects Urmila’s connection and someone helping her. Gehna reveals Dada and Dadi that she is protecting Urmila from Suhani by keeping herself away from Urmila. She promises them to get Surya on the right path.

Precap: Shreya panics seeing rats in her room. Gehna helps her. Suhani warns Gehna not to interfere in her family issues. Gehna challenges that she will not let Surya divorce her.

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