Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Gets Surprise Gifts From Anant And Krishna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna leaves with Krishna for her computer class. Paresh noticing Anant’s condition signs Najaane Mere Dil Ko Kya to taunt him. Anant asks him to stop as he is worried that Gehna should reach computer class on time. Paresh asks is it. Anant says he is going to get anniversary gift for bhaiya and bhabhi. Paresh asks only bhaiya and bhabhi. After sometime, family is busy in anniversary party arrangements when Sagar insists Tia to play with him. Tia says they are busy. Anant calls Gehna and says he will come to pick her up. She says she will manage herself as she wants to be self-reliant. Sagar insists Anant to play wit him, and Anant walks away. Anant gets concerned when Gehna doesn’t return and gets angry when Gehna returns with Krishna. Sagar insists Gehna to play with him. She says she will play later. He snatches her bag and runs insisting to play with him right now. Hema throws marbles on Gehna’s way to make her slip and fall, but Gehna walks away unharmed. Sagar slips and falls instead and loses his consciousness hitting his head on a floor. Everyone rush to him concerned. Sapan checks him. Sapan opens eyes. Hema gets happy. Sagar says they called police. Kanak thinks if he regained his memory. Hema cries that her bhaila became a kid when he fell first and now don’t know what he has become now, prays god to protect him. Anant asks Sagar if his memory is back. Sagar acts as having headache and a kid again, says let us celebrate new mamma’s wedding anniversary. Gehna asks him to be careful or else he will injure himself again. Baa says let us all get ready for party.

Gehna asks Tia to get Sagar ready. Krishna asks Tia to check Gehna’s gift. Tia says she doesn’t want to. Krishna gifts a dress to Gehna and asks to check it. Tia says she should as his choice would be like him. He looking at her says his choice is 1 among lakhs. Tia leaves. Krishna asks Gehna to wear this dress for party. Gehna asks what happened to him as he is giving gift to a girl for the first time. He says he is giving it to her and not anyone, so she should wear it for party for sure. Anant also gifts a dress t Gehna. Gehna thinks why everyone is gifting her instead of Kanak. Krishna says Anant copied him, but anyways kuckoo is his. Anant stands shocked hearing that. Krishna says his friend and she will wear only his dress. Anant asks Gehna to wear what she likes. Hema hearing their conversation thinks Gehna will wear Krishna’s dress. Gehna goes to washroom to freshen up.

Sagar asks Tia what should he wear for party as he doesn’t have any clothes to wear. Tia says she will get him new dresses and selects one for him. He asks her to wear a sari like mamma. She asks why should she wear sari. He takes her to mirror and says when mamma wears sari, everyone call her house’s Lakshmi and when Tia will wear sari, she will be called maa Saraswati. Tia asks if he knows about maa Saraswati. He says mamma discussed about maa Saraswati, Tia is still studying and she can be called maa Saraswati. Hema enters Gehna’s room and changes Anant and Krishna’s labels thinking Anant will be jealous if Gehna wears Krishna’s dress. She hears Gehna opening bathroom door and tries to rush out, but seeing Baa and Hiral there walks out via window. Labels fly away due to air. Gehna returns and picks them.

During party, Anant tells Pankaj that he is looking handsome. Pankaj says thanks him for gifting him a suit. Hema says Anant made Pankaj wear his gifted suit, but how will he react when Gehna will wear Krishna’s gifted dress and not his. Krishna hearing that says she is looking good and then says he was talking about himself. She feels disappointed and says she thought he was praising her. Kanak walks in wearing normal sari. Baa asks why didn’t she get ready. Kanak says real happiness is with family and she is happy that her family is with her. Krishna thinks Kanak is one more interesting character for his play. Hema thinks she needs to find out what Kanak is up to. She asks where are Gehna and Tia. Gehna enters wearing a beautiful black sari. Anant awstruck with her beauty.

Precap: Anant and Gehna dance during party. Durign dinner, Hiral asks about Anant, Gehna, and Krishna. Hema says she saw Gehna going towards her room and Krishna following her. Baa gets angry and with all ladies heads towards Gehna’s room.

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  1. I think kanak will act like she is doing all the work for her family,and make everyone turn against gehna

  2. I think kanak will act like she is doing all the work for her family,and make everyone turn against gehna

  3. Disappointed in Baa to not trust Gehna and believe Hema and Hiral. I think Kanak is going to take her revenge on Gehna by pretending nothing else matters but Desai family so she can snatch all Gehna’s right and trust from the family. It would be interesting to see if Anant will support Gehna through all the storm I am sure is going to come into Gehna’s life.

    1. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

      I hate that Gehna’s so called friend Krishna who thinks highly of himself as cool script writer.He always interferes between Gehna and Anant.😡😡

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