Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Fights Her Own Case

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant fixes microphone in Swara’s room to hear the mother-daughter conversation and get some clue to prove Gehna innocent. Paresh guards him outside and seeing Swara and Kusum coming stops them and asks Swara to give him knee pain medicine. She says he should go to family doctor Sapan jiju and walks to the room. Anant notices door opening and walks out via window. Swara discusses her plan how she will send senior Desais out of house first and then junior Desais and grab their whole wealth. Kusum reveals how she emotionally blackmailed Gehna and pleaded her not to take her name in court. Anant gets angry hearing that and says Gehna may protect her mother and go to jail, but he will not let her do that. He calls lawyer and acts shocked hearing him.

Gehna is taken for court hearing. Kanak out of jail taunts her that she is out of jail now and prays that Gehna should be in forever. Gehna says thank you and gets into van. Kanak tells her mother that something is going in Gehna’s mind and leaves in her car. Police takes Gehna to court. Anant reaches there and shows his anger. Gehna requests to listen to her once. He says she wants to lose before fighting, so she denied permission to lawyer to fight her case; he thought he will somehow prove her innocent, but was wrong; Gehna herself being a law student is helping a criminal Kusum. Gehna says he should trust her and let her do what she has thought.

Court hearing starts. Opponent’s lawyer alleges Gehna of attempting to murder her jeth/BIL and demands rigorous punishment. Anant gets tensed hearing that. Paresh comforts him. Kusum smirks thinking Gehna will not expose her. Gehna requests judge to let her fight her case. Judge permits her. Opponent lawyer mocks Gehna. Judge warns him to stop. Opponent lawyer calls prime witness Rohit who says he saw Gehna attacking Pankaj and attempting to murder him. Opponent lawyer says this proves Gehna attacked Pankaj. Gehna questions Rohit next and asks if he remembers Pankaj was attacked from front or back. Rohit says from front. She asks if he is sure. Kusum signals from back. Rohit doesn’t understand her signal and says he is sure. Gehna shows hospital medical report and says Pankaj was attacked from behind. Rohit gets nervous and says what differences does it make, he saw her attacking Pankaj. Opponent lawyer backs him and objects.. Judge overrules his objection.

Gehna says when the evidence is not sure whether he saw her attacking Pankaj from front or back, how is he sure he saw her face. Opponent lawyer says Gehna is wasting court’s time. Judge asks Gehna to proceed. Gehna asks for permission to call Kusum in dais. Opponent lawyer verdicts that she is the culprit and is wasting court’s time. Judge asks if he was present there and calls Kusum in dais. Kusum warns Gehna that she promised she will not take her name. Gehna says a daughter promised, but not a lawyer. She proves that Kusum and Swara were at the crime spot.

Precap: Pandit reads holy scripture at Desai house and describes how Kanhaji was freed from jail to end sins on earth. Gehna and other inmates escape from jail.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    The problem with Gehna is that she doesn’t let Anant know what she is up to…so when her plans backfire Anant is usually the last to know…this makes her foolish and selfish too 😐 …why on earth did she take Pankaj out at night without at least informing het husband?? Look see the trouble she has brought onto herself.. smh

  2. She could have done all this at the police station and saved herself from going to court.

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