Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Is Exposed


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika is shocked to see Anant in professor Kumar’s den. Kumar asks Radhika if she is also shocked to see Anant again, he is Anant’s doppelganger Siddharth who is his special guest today. He introduces Radhika as his girlfriend. Radhika says Sid is a mirror image of Anant. Sid says Radhika is a mirror instead in which people get lost. She hugs Kumar and asks where is his another guest dancer Laila as she heard a lot about her dancing skills. Kumar says she must be coming. Anant thinks he needs to leave as Gehna must be waiting for him near door. Gehna waits for him near door. Gehna hides when Sagar comes there, he calls Kanak and asks her to check if Gehna is in her room. She checks and informs that Gehna is not in her room. He disconnects call. She thinks what is he up to again. Pankaj noticing her and asks what is she doing in Gehna’s room and to whom was she speaking. She says she was talking to a friend. He asks her to show mobile. She says he should spy on Gehna instead as she is missing from her room. He walks away searching her.

At Kumar’s den, everyone wait for Laila. Gehna/Laila enters and is shocked to see Radhika with Kumar and thinks Radhika was fooling her. Radhika welcomes Laila and insists to see her face before seeing her dance. Gehna says why in a hurry when the whole night is left. Radhika and Gehna dance on Nadiyon Paar Sajan Da Thana.. song. Sagar notices Gehna’s mangalsutra and thinks his doubt was right and she is Gehna. He catches her and forcefully removes her mask. Everyone are shocked to see Gehna. Professor orders his goons to catch her. Gehna hides. Light go off. Sid walks to her and calling her lady Gaga says she is a stunt expert. Kumar’s goons search Gehna. They run out of Kumar’s den. She realizes her mangalsutra is inside den and tries to get back in. Sid asks if she is crazy and stops her. She says its Anant’s gift, so she cannot lose it. He asks her to hide there and goes in to get it.

Kanak offers Hema’s favorite dish to her and says this will not continue for long and they will have to eat boiled rice soon. Hema gets tensed and asks what should they do. Kanak partition of the house is the only solution, they all 4 can stay together and escape from Gehna’s daily dose of drama. Hema starts thinking. Kumar gets angry seeing Sid and Laila missing and scolds his goons to search them. Radhika maybe Laila fell for Sid and eloped with him. Sagar says how will they find out if Sid is a doppelganger or Anant himself. Kumar says via Sid’s report and remembers giving Sid’s alcohol glass to his aide. Sagar rejoices and showing Gehna’s mangalsutra says she will return for this.

Sid returns and watches them by hiding. Goon catches him. Gehna hits goon’s head from behind and he falls down unconscious. Power returns. Kumar and his team notice them and run behind them. They hide again. Sid praises her beauty and says she is looking hot in her dancer’s dress, she may not go back in same dress in front of her family though, etc. She starts crying that she feels embarrassed seeing herself in this dress and how will she face Bapuji and others in this form.

Precap: Sid says Anant is lucky to have such a great wife, etc. Goons catch them. He sends her and fights with Goons.
Goon stabs him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    These Desai men are such a bundle of klutzes 😁 Pankaj’s tiny brain was so easily diverted by Kanak’s nonsense and gibberish😂
    Still don’t understand why Gehna is so blind to not know her own husband 😂

    1. Oh u can’t just
      U support crap shows
      Why r u behind this now

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      I am only here for Anant 😂

  2. Fantastic 😍😎

  3. Foolish drama no sense

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