Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Hema’s Plan To Blast Gehna Backfires

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna opens parcel and finds clock in it. Hema spying on her informs over phone to her father that Gehna held clock now. Her father says once she presses remote, bomb will blast. She is about to press button but stops seeing Anant and Krishna walking to Gehna. Gehna thanks Anant for gifting her a watch. Anant says he didn’t. She asks if Krishna sent it. He says even he didn’t. Hema asks her father if bomb will severely harm Gehna. He says it will not. She happily presses button and bomb blasts in front of her turning her face black. They rush to her followed by family and ask what happened. Krishna tells Bapuji that bomb blasted and Hema’s face turned black. Sagar apologizes for snatching clock from Gehna and keeping it near Hema. Family realizes there was bomb hidden in clock to harm Gehna and ask who must have sent it. Hema realizes she informed Gehna about the parcel and says Radhika must have sent it. Krishna thinks who is Radhika now.

Hema returns to her room and informs her father that she had ordered bomb to harm Gehna. He asks if she wants to kill Gehna. She says she just wants to teach her a lesson with a minor bomb and cutting gas pipe, but herself got harmed. Father says even she would have died with cylinder blast. Hema says seeing Kanak’s condition, she got angry and mad a mistake. Krishna walks in and asks if he should apply cream on her face. She says she herself will. He asks which mistake she was talking about. She gets nervous thinking what will she tell him and how to send him from here. She says she thought she made a mistake by standing at a wrong place. He says tit for tat/jaise ko taisa. She asks if he is taunting her. He says he is talking about his play, his play’s concept is very amazing where one person tries to harm another person and gets injured himself, even she should watch his play. She says she will later and asks him to leave. He walks away. Hema cries that she cannot handle this situation alone and hopes Kanak returns soon.

Pankaj looking at Kanak’s photo cries saying its their wedding anniversary tomorrow and she is not with him for the first time, they were so happy and now what happened to their relationship, reminiscing kicking her out of house. Baa hearing his words feels concerned for him.

Gehna thinks who must have sent her that clock. Krishna walks to her and asks if she will tell even now that there is nothing wrong; someone from her family hates her, so she tried to harm her. Gehna says he is right that someone wants to harm her, but its not from her family. He says her family is amazing, they are ideal to write a play on them, each one is unique, but why they get sad when they hear about Gehna. Gehna says that because Kanak is special in this family and she is next to Baa in this house. Anant in his room thinks if Kanak must have sent that parcel as she always wanted to harm Gehna. Gehna walks in. He concerned asks if she is fine and seeing her tensed asks reason. She says tomorrow his Pankaj and Kanak’s wedding anniversary and she cannot see Pankaj’s sad face tomorrow, so they should bring Kanak back home. He asks what is she saying. She says Kanak got punished for her mistakes and she is an important part of this family and should return home.

Family reaches Jigna’s home after getting her call. Baa asks why is she crying. Jigna says Kanak went somewhere, if she came to Desai House. Gehna asks if Kanak was not with her. Jigna says Kanak had become senseless like a stone idol and don’t know where she went suddenly. Baa gets more concerned. Bapuji says let us home and decide how to find Kanak. They return home. Anant consoles Pankaj that they will find Kanak and bring her back home. Bapuji sees food served on dining table arranged and shows it to Baa. Baa says they were all out of house, then who prepared this food. Tia backs her. They hear a sound from kitchen and walk in curious to find out Kanak mopping floor. Kanak apologizes Gehna for her mistake and says Bapuji brought her home as a daughter, but she always treated Gehna like a servant since is from a small village; she always troubled her, but she realized that Gehna is rich among all 3 bahus with rich sanskars, rich love, etc.; she become so low trying to prove Gehna low; now she also wants to become great like Gehna by living like her.

Precap: Anant gets mesmerized seeing Gehna in a black sari and dances with her. Jealous Hema mixes something in Gehna’s cake thinking she will see how Gehna will escape this time.

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  1. Please enough of Hema and her tactics against Gehna. Hope Kanak really changes after returning home. Hema needs to focus on her kids and husband for a change.

  2. I don’t think kanak has changed so easily with a mother like that,I believe it’s still a plan against Gehna but will always fail.

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