Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna’s Smart Move To Identify Culprit

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna cooks food listening to general knowledge questions and preparing for her exam. Paresh with Baa notices that, comes to her and scolds her not to prepare food from hereon and asks to go out of kitchen. Gehna worried asks if she made any mistake. Paresh says Pankaj, Chetan, and even Bapuji told that Gehna’s food is not tasty after becoming Mrs. Surat. Baa enters and says she should taste and check herself. Kanak with Hema walks in and asks what happened, thinks Baa is taking Dobi Daffar’s class and she is excited to watch that. Baa laughs and tells Paresh that he is too much, scolded her so loudly. Paresh says it’s the month of April so it’s ok to do pranks. Paresh apologizes Gehna. Baa says Gehna should concentrate on her studies and stop cooking.

Anant’s college friend invites him for party. Anant denies. Friend says he will invite even Radhika and asks if she is here or in Singapore. Radhika peeping from behind says she is at Anant’s house itself and agrees to attend party. She tells Anant that they shouldn’t take Gehna along as all her friends chat in English and Gehna may feel weird, she has to study for her exam anyways. Back in kitchen, Paresh asks Gehna to concentrate on her studies and score good marks or else he will get angry and scold her. Baa tells Gehna that Kanak and Hema will prepare breakfast and lunch and Hiral and Tia will prepare dinner, so she need not worry. Gehna says she will both cook and study. Hema says they know she is a superwoman and can do multitasks, but now she should go and study and let her and Kanak cook, she wants to have something spicy just like Kanak, then says just like Kanak prepares food. Kanak burns in anger and walks away. She walks to Radhika and fumes that she has to cook while dobi daffar Gehna will study, she will not let that Gehna study or else she will be superior to her. Radhika says let her study because if Gehna will remain busy with studies,she will get to spend time with Anant. Kanak says Gehna will even surpass Radhika, so they shouldn’t let her study. Radhika agrees with Kanak and says they will have to stop Gehna from studying. Hema hearing their conversation hiding thinks they are planning against Gehna, but she won’t let Kanak succeed in her plans.

Anant teaches Gehna. Gehna hearing sound from kitchen tries to leave. Anant stops her. She says she will go and check preparation of food. Anant insists Gehna to study silently and makes her sit. Kanak, Hema, and Radhika prepare food. Paresh asks Baa if they will have to eat Kanak and Hema’s prepared food from hereon. Hema, Radhika and Kanak serve them food. Baa sees many dishes and Bapuji asks if Kanak made all the food. Hema says Radhika prepared whole food today. Kanak gets jealous thinking Radhika is trying to make her place in this house ignoring her plan, takes Radhika aside and asks why is she cooking instead of spoiling Gehna’s studies. Radhika says she has already prepared Gehna’s degree. Anant asks general knowledge questions to Gehna and she gives wrong answers. He makes her stand and asks why she is giving all wrong answers. She says she studied well. He asks why is she giving wrong answers then. Radhika brings food for them and smirks. She offers her food and asks Anant if everything is alright. He says yes. She wishes all the best to Gehna and leaves. Kanak praises Radhika that she changed the whole picture and asks what did she do. Radhika says she changed Gehna’s notes with wrong answers on the pretext of of showing her dresses to Anant. She says Gehna will be confused in exam and Anant will scold her, Kanak says then Gehna will fail in test. Radhika says even Anant and Gehna’s relationship will fail. Anant scolds Gehna that she likes household chores than studying, then asks to forget it and concentrate on studies. He is shocked to see wrong answers in notes.

In the living room , Gehna requests family and Radhika to write all the best for her on the card. Bapuji says she is clearing all tests of life, so why get scared of exams. Gehna insists. Radhika writes all the best in notebook first followed by all family members. She thanks them all and signals Anant to come aside. He walks to her. She asks him to find out when will his friend reach to check all these handwritings and identify culprit to changed notes. Radhika gets tensed hearing that and thinks what should she do now. Anant calls his friend Rakesh and informs Gehna that Rakesh is reaching in 15 minutes, gives credit of handwritng verification idea to Gehna reminiscing seeing changed notes and doubting Kanak. Gehna says they cannot doubt anyone without proof and suggests him to use his handwriting expert friend’s help to find out the culprit. Out of flashback, he says Kanak is always against her. She says she will not let anyone ruin her dream. He says he saw her advocacy skills in court and with this handwriting expert idea, he is sure that she will achieve her goal soon.

Precap: Rakesh says he identified whose handwriting is it. Anant asks whose. Radhika stands tensed.

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  1. There was a major blooper in this episode or perhaps they will clarify it in the episodes to come…but I think Producers should know that audience isn’t fool…
    In the starting of episode,they showed Gehna learning her answers…They were wrong answers…. But how can Radhika change it then?
    Radhika only changed it when Kanak told that Gehna will surpass her…so how did it get changed when she was cooking….She should be having right answers then….This confused me in the episode….Let’s see if I am wrong or not….Hope they clarify it in the episodes to come…

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