Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Plan Fails

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak and her team eagerly wait for Gehna to shout after Sagar punishes her. Gehna shouts and they all 3 rush to kitchen and see Gehna picking utensil from floor. Hema asks if she fell. Kanak thinks Sagar pushed her down. Gehna says she boiled water for Radhika’s knee and it’s vessel fell down from Tia’s hands. Kanak thinks this means Sagar didn’t hit Gehna. They all 3 walk away disappointed. Gehna gives kheer to Tia and asks her to feed it to Sagar as he wouldn’t have it from her hand. Tia says Sagar did so much wrong to her, even then she is doing so much for him,now she will say that Sagar is like a kid at present. Gehna emotionally says it’s easy to hate and forgiving is difficult; says she didn’t forget anything, but memories fade away after moving on; she didn’t do a big favor by forgiving Sagar and favored herself. Tia leaves.

Kanak walks to Sagar and asks why didn’t he punish Gehna. Sagar reminisces hearing Gehna telling Tia that she prepared kheer for Sagar and she should feed him with love and give him choc, he further recalls Gehna protecting him and showering immense love on him, he drops object in hot water bowl held by Tia instead of throwing it on Gehna and the flashback ends. He tells Kanak that Gehna mamma is so good and new mamma told him a really bad story. Kanak fumes that Gehna has done some magic on him. Tia enters and offers him kheer. Sagar asks if mamma sent it. She says yes and asks if she should take it back. He says he is not angry at kheer and taking kheer asks if she is angry on him. She says she will not be angry on him if he doesn’t repeat his mistake. Tia asks pinky promise. He promises. Kanak and Hema walk away fuming.

Gehna with Anant and Vinit walks to Radhika and says she did really wrong. Anant says he never thought that she would do this to them. They both ask why did she do this. Radhika gets tensed. Gehna asks why is she sweating, why didn’t she inform that its Vinit’s birthday today. Radhika nervously says she didn’t want to trouble Anant, then realizing what she heard says she didn’t want to trouble Anant’s family. Vinit says even he felt same. Gehna says they should not leave any chance of happiness as nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, they will celebrate Vinit’s birthday. She walks away with Vinit. Radhika complains to Anant that Vinit does a good drama. Anant asks her to relax as he can see everything and she should just rest right now.

In the evening, Gehna brings birthday cake and informs everyone about new chef Vineet Virani. Everyone claps for Vinit. Gehna says Radhika is lucky to have such a wonderful husband. Vinit says he doesn’t believe it. Baa asks why. Vinit says he is lucky instead to have a wonderful wife like Radhika. Paresh says Vineet is one among millions who mingled with his employee Anant’s family so well. Vinit says Anant is employee in office, here he is Radhika’s friend for him. Pankaj murmurs friend or boyfriend. Chetan murmurs Vinit is husband or third party. Tia explains new game rules about passing on pillow with music and whoever holds it when music is off will be given a dare. Game starts, and Bapuji loses first. Pankaj asks Bapuji to recite a shayari/poem for Baa. Bapuji recites a romantic shayari for Baa. Everyone claps for him. He walks away. Game restarts. Vinit loses next. Gehna asks him to sing a song for Radhika. Vinit says he cannot and Radhika will. Paresh insists, and Gehna says Chetan will play guitar. Vinit sings Tu Hi to Jannat Meri..Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai.. song. Anant reminisces proposing Radhika and their love for each other. Everyone clap for him. Game restarts. Sagar loses next. Tia asks him to tell something about his favorite person. Sagar says his favorite is his new mamma who does make up 5 times a day and looks beautiful, she picked her white hair saying Kanak’s khanak will be lost, she lied to Panky pappa that she will not shop this month and bought 2 high heeled sandals immediatedly, she is a big liar, etc. Kanak stops him.

Game restarts. Everyone lose leaving Gehna, Radhika, and Anant. Anant loses. Tia says Bhai lost, but Gehna should dance with Bhai on a paper. She spreads paper. Anant holds Gehna’s hand, and Gehna shyingly looking into his eyes dances with him. Paresh plays Oh Sathi Tere Bina.. song. Tia halves the paper, and Paresh plays Anken Mooden To Jane Kise Dhoonde.. song. Anant with hesitation dances with Gehna again. Tia folds paper further. Gehna steps on Anant’s feet and holds him nervously looking at his face. She thinks he is very close to her, but his eyes search someone else; he should look at her with the feeling of love. Tia signals Anant to lift Gehna. He lifts her and dances, leaving Radhika burning in jealousy. Everyone clap for them.
Paresh says now Radhika and Gehna are left, let him see who will win. Game restarts. Radhika says she will win as she doesn’t like losing. Gehna says winning or losing is a matter of seconds, one loses and other wins in seconds, but game should be fair. Radhika says everything is fair in love and war. Gehna says there shouldn’t be betrayal as one who betrays will be betrayed by someone else.

Precap: Radhika alleges Gehna that she is jealous of her as she knows Anant will not give her a place in his heart. Gehna says its her misunderstanding and she will expose in front of everyone how cheap she is. Anant stops her and prays to God that he made a mistake and now he should correct it himself.

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