Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika and Anant Frustrated With Gehna’s Act

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vinit tells Desai family that he bought gifts for them and they should accept them as he bought them by heart. Family smiles. Kanak thinks duffer Gehna has invited a trouble for Radhika in the form of Vinit, what will happen now. Vinit gifts showpiece to Bapuji, sari to Baa, sugar-free sweets to Paresh, and other gifts to remaining family members. He gifts basic law books to Gehna. She thanks him. Bapuji says there was no need for all the gifts. Vinit says he doesn’t have parents and feels them as family whenever he meets them, so they should accept the gifts from their dear one. Bapuji welcomes him to Desai family. Radhika stands tensed. Gehna invites Vinit for breakfast. Bapuji says let us talk while having breakfast. Vinit goes to freshen up. Anant thinks Gehna invited Vinit here, Radhika looks very tensed and he needs to question Gehna. Radhika thinks Gehna has to answer her for this act. They both take Gehna to a room, and Radhika shouts at Gehna for inviting Vineet here. Gehna says she thought she would be happy seeing her husband here. Anant (well educated, behaving rudely like a goon) shouts that Radhika is his friend and why didn’t she seek his permisison or at least inform him before inviting Vinit here. Gehna says he can’t tell her, she can’t ask him, they both are bound by their promises, so she had to take this decision herself; anyways Vinit is Radhika’s husband and loves her a lot, so he came here to take care of her from Delhi, Radhika should be happy instead. Anant shouts why its very difficult to explain Gehna. Tia calls Gehna for breakfast. Gehna leaves asking them to come soon. Radhika shouts that Gehna did this purposefully and Vinit will harm her. Anant says Vinit will not harm her here and if he does, he is here as a shield between them. Radhika thinks Vinit will not do anything wrong and if his goodness will come in front of Anant, her game will be finished.

During breakfast, Paresh asks Radhika if she is happy with Vinit’s arrival. Tia laughs and says Radhika’s face looks dull, then says because of pain. Radhika says she felt good with Vinit’s arrival, but Gehna should have informed her before. Gehna says she wanted to give her a surprise. Hiral says his arrival as a massager was really surprising, hope he knows to massage. Vinit says he will learn even if he doesn’t know it for Radhika’s sake. Pankaj praises Vinit. Kanak signals him saying Panky and then asks everyone to finish breakfast. Sagar enters asking his new mamma/Kanak to give him breakfast and clashes with Hema who drops hot coffee towards Radhika , but Vinit bears it protecting Radhika. Hema apologizes him. He says its okay as she made a mistake by mistake. Sagar apologizes Vinit next, and he replies its okay. Radhika offers Vinit tissue paper and Gehna offers him ice pack. Baa signals Hema to take Sagar away, and she does same. Anant is surprised and thinks why did a monster like Vinit bore pain to protect Radhika. He reminisces Paresh telling him that he brought Radhika home for some reason and he should question himself and see if the reason he brought Radhika here exists or not. He asks Vinit why did he protect Radhika and bore pain himself. Vinit says how can he see Radhika getting burnt. Gehna says its Vinit’s love for Radhika and wherever there is love, there is concern automatically. Paresh says she is right, Anant and Gehna also love and care for each other. Gehna thinks even she cares of Anant and will protect him from Radhika at any cost. Radhika fumes thinking if this continues, Vinit’s goody goody nature will be exposed in front of family, especially Anant.

Kanak over phone assures Radhika not to worry. Pankaj walks in and gets romantic with her. She shouts he is getting romantic and she is tensed thinking how to deal with dobi duffer and Sagar. Sagar throws a chit near them which reads new mumma story time, and she thinks she should close the door before Sagar comes here and troubles her. She tries to close the door when Sagar enters and insists to tell him a story. She says there was a king and queen who lived happily and story ended. Sagar insists for a good story. Pankaj leaves frustrated. Kanak tells his torture story and provokes him to punish his old mamma who tortured him. Sagar says he will punish bad old mamma. Kanak thinks now she will ruin Gehna’s mahaan / great nature. Sagar walks to kitchen where Gehna with Tia is busy cooking and reminiscing Kanak’s story throws an object towards Gehna to punish her. Hema munching snacks asks Kanak and Radhika why is there so much silence still. They hear Gehna shouting and see Sagar running away, all 3 goes to kitchen eagerly and Kanak stands shocked.

Precap: Radhika alleges Gehna that she is jealous of her as she knows Anant will not give her a place in his heart. Gehna says its her misunderstanding and she will expose in front of everyone how cheap she is. Anant stops her and prays to God that he made a mistake and now he should correct it himself.

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  1. So Vineet didn’t gift anything to Anant?
    Or perhaps they will have some personal scene between them in the future episodes…but I have to say that ever since this show is getting decent trps and ever since it has surpassed Kumkum Bhagya, makers ignore lots of things like these….They think viewers don’t notice everything…but it’s not the case…

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