Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna And Anant’s Big Move

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pankaj and Chetan prepare tea. Chetan says its a difficult task, but they consume tea in 2 sips. Pankaj backs him and says Kanak will shout at Gehna to bring tea for her. Chetan says Pankaj understands Kanak more than he understands Hema, then why did he fail to understand Kanak’s conspiracy. Gehna rushes to them and takes tea for Kanak. Kanak shouts why did she bring tea so late. Pankaj says he was preparing tea for her. Kanak continues shouting. Jigna provokes Kanak to teach all servants a lesson by selling the house. Baa shocked asks Kanak if she will sell the house. Kanak says its her house and she can do whatever she wants to. Baa and Bapuji stand crying. Hema shouts at Gehna and Anant that they promised to take back their house from Kanak and they failed. Gehna says they will take back this house from Kanak at any cost. Hema shouts if she fails, she will cut her hands. Paresh cries and says if they fail, we all will lose the house.

Kanak with her mother plans to buy a posh flat and live peacefully once she sells Desai house. Irani builder’s manager calls her and offers to buy Desai house. Kanak says she was planning to sell, but now changed her mind. He says he has best offer for her. She asks him to inform his owner to contact her directly if he wants to buy her house and disconnects call. Jigna asks why did she deny to sell her house. Kanak says builder will come and meet them if he is interested in buying the house.

Bapuji tells family that he cannot lose his shelter at this age. Hiral suggests to shift to Sapan’s house. Sapan agrees. Hema insults him saying his house is too small for them. Hiral confronts Hema that if she wants a house of her size, she can stay here and bear humiliation; for them, a 10 x 20 sq ft house is enough for them to live with dignity. Anant and Gehna who are disguised as a parsi couple Mr and Mrs Bejad Irani walk in and Anant says he wants to meet the house owner. Bapuji says he is the owner of this house. Hema says Kanak is the owner now and goes to call Kanak and gets tempted seeing Kanak and Jigna enjoying snacks. Kanak yells at her. Hema informs that Mr and Mrs Bejad Irani have come to meet her. Baa asks Irani couple why they have come here. Anant says she will know soon. Kanak walks down and asks who are they. He says he came to buy her house. She speaks rudely to him and asks why he wants to buy her house as she doesn’t want to sell it. Anant says he bought the plot adjacent to this house and wants to buy this one also and build a big complex. Kanak says she doesn’t want to sell even then. Pankaj tells Chetan that his wife is not that bad. Gehna asks if she will not sell the house even for a huge price. Kanak asks how much. Chetan tells Pankaj that wife is the worst. Anant acts as checking pillars and says he will give her 10 crores for this property, 2 BHK flat, a 3 BHK flat once the big complex is built here and even a luxury car.

Kanak gets greedy and Jigna asks Anant to sit. Bapuji warns him to dare not sit as he will not let him buy this house. Anant asks who are these people. Kanak says her servants and orders to take Bapuji away. Bapuji warns Kanak to fear god as she will be punished soon. Baa takes him in. Anant asks if the deal is finalized. Kanak says not yet as she wants to visit their office and construction site before signing the deal. Gehna asks her to visit their office in the evening. Kanak agrees. Anant and Gehna walk away. Paresh pleads Kanak not to snatch their house from them. Kanak humiliates and sends him away. Jigna asks why did she reject such a good offer. Kanak says she wants to enquire if builders are genuine. Anant asks Gehna which office will they show to Kanak. Gehna says she knows he will handle everything. Anant says their attack is solid this time.

Precap: Kanak orders Anant and Gehna to wash her and her mother’s clothes and reaches Irani builder’s office. Anant’s friend over phone informs him that Kanak wants to meet Mr and Mrs Irani.

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  1. This Kanak should rot in hell.

  2. Rot in hell? That is not even punishment for her, i swear, the mean, evil things I would make her do to repent then let he go to hell.
    But I can bet when they get back their house and everything good again they will still allow their older bahu to live there, I’m sure Gehna will beg for Kanak bhabi😡
    These people need to know when to throw their evil in laws out!!

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