Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Seeta’s opinion, if she wants to marry Ricky or not. Ricky tells Seeta that he is imperfect for her, but he will change, asks if she wants to become his life partner. Seeta nods yes. Bhavani says Ricky will not marry her and just wants to escape from situation, why will he marry an illiterate. Ricky says he will prove her prediction wrong and if they all permit, he will marry Seeta tomorrow. Jaggi asks if she will marry this joker, if she forgot he tried to kidnap her. Seeta says she trusts Ricky. Ramesh asks if she does not trust him, he will keep her as queen, come with her. Seeta nods no.

Jaggi takes Seeta to home temple and asks to close her eyes and see whom she sees. He loves Gopi so much, she knows. Seeta closes eyes and reminisces Ricky and says she saw Ram ji as Ricky. He asks what. She says since Ricky came to this house, she started loving him. He asks if she has gone out of her mind. She says when Ramesh kidnapped her, Ricky saved her. He is good at heart and does not know how to express his feelings. She considers Jaggi as a father and friend, so she is telling him that she will be very happy with Ricky, will he bless her.

Jaggi informs Gopi that Seeta is mad behind Ricky. Gopi says they both are poles apart. Kokila says they are not seeing what Seeta is seeing, even after seeing Ramakanth’s each behavior, Seeta accepted him. Ramakanth is changing and he stood for Seeta when she was insulted. He will become a good son, brother and husband in Seeta’s company.

Ricky puffs cigarette in his room. Seeta enters and says if he wants to marry her under pressure. He says she is mad, he is not under any pressure. She throws his cigarette and leaves smiling. Kokila silently shows it to Ricky and Jaggi and says they both like each other, Ramakanth is changing.

Bhavani takes Shagun to Vidya and says today is her brother Ricky and Seeta’s marriage, Modi family will not let her enter, so if Vidya can take shagun for Ricky and Seeta. She continues her emotional atyachar. Vidya accepts shagun. Bhavani smirks.

Marriage preparations start at Modi bhavan. Seeta gets ready as bride and gets mehandi on her hands. Urmila taunts she should not start cleaning spree, else she mehandi will wash away. Jaggi takes care of catering and other arrangements. Ricky comes down. Seeta shies seeing him coming down. Dil me in the background. Kokila says Ramakanth is looking like Ahem. Gopi apologies Ricky for all the troubles he faced and says she was waiting for him to change and now has transferred Antara’s properties back to his name. He takes papers and says there was no need for it, let the papers be with her. Gopi says it is his right. He touches her feet. Urmila thinks how can nylon cloth change into silk so soon.

Precap: Sahir informs Gopi that Ricky is not in his room.
Rick enters with girls and says how can they think he will marry illiterate Seeta. Seeta puts water in havan kund and laughs on Ricky.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think seeta plan to change ricky by marrying him n also think ricky is playing along with seeta

  2. I hope seeta change to a strong character and teach that ramakanth and her step mom bhavani a lesson.

  3. Today’s episode was entertaining.

  4. I HATE YOU RICKY UNTIL HE CHANGES.I WILL BE HIS NUMBER 1 hater.Precap is interesting hopes Seeta gets revenge.

  5. I’m not interested to see this drama Track wedding ?

    SNS lost the chemistry episode like before
    Boring scene very day
    SNS should go off when ahem leavings the show

    Now cv star trying so hard

  6. Isaaq

    I hate Kokila so much. She interferes in everyone business all the time.

    I fully support Gaura (however she shouldnt of killed Ahem). Gaura revenge is needed because she lost her brother because of Kokila. I hope Gaura gets justice because Kokila needs to be punished for her sins. I’m on Gaura side?

    1. You are so right. I totally agree. Ramakant is not even her son but she never late Gopi decide for herself. ??

  7. Riana

    I found it interesting…Though this episode was boring…Nxt one is of sangeet…I saw in youtube that sangeet will mindblowing…As Gogi will dance on “Cutiepie” song?????….Korag will dance on “Kala chashmah” song…?????…Ricita will too dance on a new romantic song….Modis will dance on “Gallan goodiyan”….❤❤❤❤❤…Waiting for nxt…And precap is interesting as bcoz i saw in youtube video that Sita will turn modern…She will shout on Bhavani too….And all its Truuuuuu…Sita will break her marriage with Ricky n will turn revengeful…but not negative….??????…It shows that sita is definitely not like old Gopi!!…????

  8. Chithu

    Ricky have got Seeta’s hope by giving her false promise. I feel really sad for Seeta. Hope Ricky reforms fast and become a worthy lyf partner for Seeta.
    Precap is confusing Seeta puts water in havan kund n laughs that means she already knew that Ricky was playing with her.

  9. Guys anybody saw payar ka dard hai

  10. payar ka dard hai anybody saw

    1. Amalina


  11. Nandhini

    I guess in precap seeta will slap Ramakanth or she will humiliate him before him just like he did before and she wil go away as shown in precap…then ricky will feel so insulted.

    1. Nandhini

      before everyone**

    2. Nandhini

      And sorry again…as shown in latest promo**

  12. If Seeta slaps Ramakant he deserves it and more. For everything he has done to the Modi parivaar. Its enough insults ?

  13. Good Afternoon Sunshine Friends how are you guys doing? how are you nandhini sid shakaib riana chithu saba isaaq akshay i can see a decrease in comments i will be home for the next one week i will try o comment as much as possible i do not really know what is going on i have missed out i will try to go back and read some of what i have missed only then i can make a comment till then you guys take care

  14. Venky

    only seetha has right to insult or slap ricky because she is one who trusted on ricky ,,,,,not gopi modi or jaggi has right to slap ricky because they never trusted ricky…

  15. Hii friends…..
    Sita aur rikki ka song aara hai deewana gi aawaragi ……this song is from which movie…. plz reply if anyone knows…..
    Thank you in advance.

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