Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th April 2014 Written Update

Gauri starts crying. Samar and Sahil come with Vidya and ask Gauri not to cry. Vidya asks Gauri not to cry. Gauri says, do you think I can steal? Samar and Sahil say that Radha is a liar. They will catch her red handed and will let everyone know that you didn’t do anything. Radha searches for the bag and is about to keep the jewels in the bag, just then Kokila and Hetal enter the room. Kokila says, we will search for the necklace. Kokila sees the dust and gets angry on Radha/ Mani. Hetal says, I will tell Mani. Radha hides beneath the bed. Kokila bends and picks the phone. Kokila says, we will find the necklace and calls for Mani.

Samar, Sahil and Vidya start searching for the necklace. Radha wonders where to hide the necklace. Radha comes to her room and scolds the kids. She addresses Gauri as a thief. Ahem comes there and asks Radha what do you mean? Radha says, Gauri has stolen the necklace. Gauri cries and says I didn’t steal anything. Ahem recalls little Meera saying the same words and gets touched. He tells Gauri that he has full faith on her and knows that she didn’t do the stealing. He determines to prove her innocent. Radha gets worry and thinks what if Ahem ji will come to know about her identity. She thinks to do something fast to throw Meera out of the house. Ahem scolds Radha and says the girl is already crying. She is innocent. He assures Gauri that Gopi might have forgetten the necklace somewhere.

Urmila asks Kinjal about her husband. Kinjal says, he went with Madhu aunty. Urmila gets irked. Pappu asks Dhawal to get Tab for him. Urmila says, your father is not rich. Kinjal gets angry on her. Pappu says, even Samar and Sahil have the tablet. I will play with their Tab. Dhawal says, I will buy it for you. Kinjal says, it might be costly. Dhawal says, I will take care of the expenses. Urmila is shocked. Pappu thanks him.

Rashi comes to Jigar and gives him kheer which Hetal prepared for him. Jigar holds her hand and says we didn’t see each other since many days. Rashi says, yes. Kaki ji made me dress this way. Jigar says, you looks beautiful in this dress. Kokila comes to Rashi’s room and wonders where is Jigna. Rashi says, I am enjoying the single status. Kids spent most of their time with Kakiji. I am workless. They hear Kokila’s voice calling for Jigna. Rashi hides the kheer bowl. Kokila comes and asks Rashi what are you doing here? She questions Jigar too. Jigar says, I came to give the keys. Kokila scolds Jigar and warns him to stay away from Jigna. Rashi and Jigar are tensed. Kokila asks him to give the keys.

Gopi comes to Meera and says you are making beautiful chunari for Radha Rani looking at it. Gauri says, I feel good. Gopi smiles. She asks, are you tensed? Gauri nods no. She asks, did you get your necklace? Gopi says no. Gauri starts crying. Gopi tries to comfort her. Ahem watches them. Gauri says, I don’t want to go from here. She hugs Gopi and cries.

Jigar tells Kokila that he will give the keys to Meethi so that she can give the keys to the person who cleans the car. Kokila says ok. She holds Rashi’s hand and goes inside. Rashi looks at Jigar. Vidya asks Ahem to tell her story. Ahem says, I will tell you bed time story. Vidya says, Radha maasi said that she will throw Gauri out of the house. Ahem assures her that Gauri will live with them. Vidya is about to go with Ahem, but Kokila stops her. She asks her to sleep on time. Ahem says mom……and says I was saying Gauri didn’t steal anything. My wife is careless, she might have lost it. Kokila scolds Ahem for calling his wife as careless. She says, when you will realize her worth. Ahem says okay, but that girl didn’t steal the necklace. Kokila says, whoever have stolen the necklace won’t be able to stay in this house. She goes with Rashi and Vidya. Ahem looks at Gopi and Jigar.

Kokila gets the necklace in Ahem’s belongings and questions Ahem. Ahem is shocked. Radha looks on shocked.

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  1. Why always radha’s wrong are hidden ?? I hate her bloody idiot……….

  2. This show isnt goin no where they r wasting veiwers times

  3. Ya its becomes boring

  4. u r right its boring make kokila gain her memory loss quickly

  5. this is repeat of what rashi used to do to gopi now radha is doing to meera/gauri. this serial characters dont have any brains. they are just dragging the serial for more 6mnths dont think koki will get her memory, radha will harm all the children and these grt modis will do nothing but shout on each other. they can blame gopi again. so boring……………………. stop this serial pls if they dont have a story. dont show so much evil on tv. mostly women are watching it for recreation.

  6. Too much playing on women’s emotion. Last time the victim was Gopi and now Gauri. When is Koki getting back her memory? The writer has no brilliant ideas at all!!

  7. the writers dont have ideas and they are not reading the viewers comments.

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