Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nikki going from MM . Koki says that wasn’t savita ben enough for them she then says rashi haven’t done any work yet . Koki says Rashi to clean while sitting . Kinjal comes home and Urmi taunts her . Urmi says her to bring new food . Kinjal gives her and angrily says eat . Urmi is annoyed and says she have to teach her a lesson . Koki comes down looking for meethi . She asks gopi and all others about Meethi . Kokila is annoyed and says she was looking for her . Kokila asks about Raji and gopi replies that jigar is at office and rashi is cleaning and kokila asks till now ? Here Rashi is cleaning and on phone with Urmi talking about Kinjal . Here Kokila comes and says do one work either clean or talk to her mother . Koki says till she stop talking to Urmi she can never rest and she can never do her work properly. Koki says to clean her room after that .

Koki goes looking for meethi and sees her arranging the clothes outside . She asks about the clothes and Nikki replies its her clothes. Koki says she should have understood . Nikki says Meethi is such a good girl and she don’t have place so she kept here in modi mansion . Koki says she forgot about her work while doing nikki’s works . Rashi is cleaning koki’s room and talks to Kokila’s pic there about how she orders . Rashi keeps the bucket of water she used for cleaning in koki’s room so that koki dont scold her . She gets a call from Urmi . . Koki calls rashi and meethi . Dhawal comes to KinWal’s room and kinjal tries to talk her . Kinjal says till when he will ignore her and one day he have to talk to her . She says he has to even think about her . Dhawal’s says a couple’s relationship is based on trust , that day it was falguni and some other day it will be someone else . He leaves . Urmi sees this and says she should take importance of this.

Koki is annoyed about being late . She goes to washroom . She washes her face from the water in that bucket which rashi kept there . She realise that it is the one used for cleaning. Koki comes down and scolds meethi and says she kept the unclear water bucket in her washroom and she had wash her face from that .Meethi says she didn’t keep it there . Koki realise that it is Rashi . She says when she have told her not to take such heavy things . Rashi says sorry and says only a small sorry and only one thing she knows and that is to talk to her mother . Rashi is in tears . Koki says inspite of all he efforts she couldn’t change her . Rashi was Careless , will be , and is . Koki leaves from there.

Morning time Koki is outside buying some plants . there Nikki comes and says she already had bought that and koki points something else and nikki replies she had bought it too . Nikki again points Koki’s bindi. Nikki says if she wants she can give it . Koki says no need and leaves . Gopi comes and gives Gopi the plant and says when boiling water for meera use the leaves from that plant . Baa says that plant has many benefits and it should be there always . Koki agrees. Koki asks about Rashi and hetal replies saying that she said she’s not angry. Gopi says she will feed her . Rashi is on phone with Urmi and says about what happened the previous day.Rashi says her to come there and say that she is her child and not to talk to her like that . Urmi is scared and says it will happen. Rashi says she is a lion outside and infront of Kokila she’s scared .Gopi brings breakfast for Rashi.Gopi tells she knows that she is upset about yesterday but if she’s hungry the child will be too . Rashi is having a upset face

Precap : Gopi and Kokila in garden sees the plant that the bought being ruined by Nikki . Kokila calls Nikki and says how can she do that !!

Update Credit to: muskii

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