Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach divides kids wit their parents into teams and informs them about the task and says this task will determine how strong they have become physically and emotionally. Coach asks Prateek and Kinjal’s team to start task first. Ahem asks coach to send Gauri’s team first. Coach agrees.

Urmila comes to her chawl with jalebi and phapda. She sees her tenant’s furniture in tempo and thinks she has sold furniture for money. Tenant comes and gives rent money and says she has taken own house and is moving there now, she is also going on a foreign trip with her family. Urmila is surprised to hear that.

Smitha asks Tripti about the bathroom. Tripti misbehaves and asks her to find herself. Ahem sees them arguining and comes there, but Tripti runs and hides. Ahem starts searching her, but coach comes and informs that his task is about to start. Ahem goes back. Tripti thinks Radha should finish her work as she planned.

Kids get ready for the trekking task. Ahem asks Gopi to be with Gauri and take care of her and even he will be around Gauri. Radha tries to loosen Gauri’s harness strip instead of tightening it. Gopi sees that and fixes it herself. Ahem calls inspector and informs that a suspect coach was talking rudely with kid’s parents there. Inspector says he will check personally.

Coach asks Ahem, Gopi, Gauri, and Vidya to start trekking first. He asks another coach to check harness strips again. Radha thinks they are checking harness many times and it is difficult for her to harm Gauri. Gauri encourages Vidya to finish the task and asks her not to worry. All four start their trekking task. Tripti cuts Gauri’s rope and smirks. Radha sees Tripti and gets happy. Gauri’s rope cuts and she falls, but Ahem and Gopi holds her hands together. Her head get injured even then and she goes unconscious. Kokila sees that accident and remembers Meera falling in the water, she shouts Meer and goes unconscious. Hetal, Kinjal, Parag all try to awake Kokila, but in vain. Tripti calls Radha and says that Radha failed, but she somehow succeed and remembers how she cut Gauri’s rope. Radha hears her and smirks.

Ahem and Gopi come down with Gauri. Gopi shouts to call ambulance for Kokila and Gauri. Inspector asks his subordinates to seal the camp. Radha messages Tripti to flee from there.

Precap: Doctor informs Ahem/Gopi that they brought Gauri on time and wil have to transfuse blood to her. Gopi sees a scar on Gauri’s leg and gets surprised that Gauri is her daughter Gopi.

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  1. Arrey!Yaar I can’t see this I am gng to saathiya sets to beat that Radha everyone contribute some strong things to beat her.

  2. are yaar koi bhi radha ko na tho tight slap given naa.

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