Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila gets gift boxes for a function from Meethi. Gopi says she will accompany her. Kokila says she does not want her to come and asks Hetal to accompany her. Hetal says she is not feeling well and to take Gopi. Kokila hesitantly agrees. Hetal says Gopi this is the best chance to get convince Kokila again. Radha sees them going and thinks of executing her plan.

Pari gets a thank you card and thinks Jigar must have sent it. She thinks of buying one for Jigar and goes shopping after informing Hetal.

Kinjal takes medicine given to her by Urimla to chemist and asks why it is prescribed. He tells the reason. Kinjal thinks what is going in Urmila’s mind, she has to find out. She comes home and sees Urmila talking to a builder about selling chawl and is about to confront her when Dhaval stops her and takes with him.

Hetal informs Meethi that Radha is vomiting. She runs to Radha’s room and takes her to hospital, after asking Meethi to inform Kokila and Baa about it.

Kinjal asks Dhaval why did he drag in and says Urmila was behind her vomiting and illness. Dhaval says he knows Urmila is trying to sell chawl and they both have to stop he carefully.

At doc’s clinic, Radha says she needs to go to washroom. Kinjal says she will accompany her. Radha says her number may come any time and wait while she goes an comes. Hetal agrees and sits waiting nervously. Radha then goes to doc and requests to save her as her MIL is trying to abort her child after knowing she is bearing girl child. Doc asks her not to worry and to show her MIL. Radha shows Hetal, sits next to her and starts pampering. Hetal asks her not to act and to get herself examined. Doc comes and asks Hetal to stop her drama. Hetal asks what drama. Doc asks why is forcing her DIL to abort child. Hetal is shocked to hear that. Radha starts her acting and requests Hetal not to force her to abort. Hetal says she never did. Radha nods yes. Doc says she has already told that you have done s*xual determination and wants to abort the child.

Kokila and Gopi reach home and Baa informs them about Radha getting stomachache and Hetal taking her to hospital. Kokila asks where is Pari. She says she went out. Pari comes home with shopping bags. Gopi asks how can she leave Hetal alone as Radha may trouble her. Gopi tries both Radha and Hetal’s numbers, but they are busy. Kokila says she is worried about Hetal as Radha may harm her. Gopi asks Kokila to stay at home with Baa while she and Pari go and check at the hospital.

Hetal pleads with doc that she did not do anything. s*x determination papers falls down from file. Doc asks how did this paper come. She says she does not know. Doc says she will call police. Radha gets afraid and asks not to call police, else her husband will beat her. Hetal asks her to stop her drama. Ladies start beating her saying both she and her son are torturing this innocent lady. Pari and Gopi reach spot and run to rescue Hetal. Gopi asks what are they doing. Radha says they both are with Hetal. Doc asks why they want to abort Radha’s girl child. Pari says Radha is lying. Radha says she is not lying. Doc says she will call police as s*x determination is a crime. Pari says Radha she will not spare. Gopi says doc that Radha is insane and was kept in mental assylum for some time. Doc says she will call police. Radha says it is not needed, she just need their assurance that they will not abort my child. Gopi asks Pari to keep quiet, else their family’s name will be ruined. Hetal writes statement that she will not force Radha to abort child.

Precap: Pari says Radha that she will not spare her. Radha shows Hetal’s written statement and says if they even touch her, they will be in trouble.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So boring .end this show doesn’t have sense just quarrel ugly radha

  2. please end the shows otherwise people kick it

  3. What’s the point of showing this serial…it’s boring and Radha is annoying..

  4. I don’t know why people say that this show is boring, and i have been listening for the last few months that this show is dragging too much. But SOME people still come here and put their comments. This is the best serial.

  5. radhaaa……..u stupid……get lost!!!! modis r bearing her so much……stopppppp

  6. tripthi too shud come backkkk………..radha tripthi duo superbbb……..radha alone is boring

  7. I agree viewer

  8. Waste serial… No sense nothing.. Killing viewers…. Even the director dnt knw hw he gonna end it… Day by day its becoming more worse

  9. Worst serial seen.out of subject

  10. Does this kind of thing really happen in India,I mean that radha is getting away with so much, but no one can defend themselves it’s like wrong always wins

  11. End this pathetic show completely. Other shows derserve to stay on like Ek Hasina Thi.

    1. Ek has in a thi has a limited run because its just one track, so short and sweet is better

  12. Why did u censor the word ‘s*xual’ ??? Its just a word man, we are not talking about anything dirty here for crying out loud , grow up

    1. Lo ji mera bhi censor ho gya lol, stupid website

  13. bakwaas serial, pls stop it, all modis family mental and esp jigar like loose marrys pari then radha, real life mein todi na Aisa hoto hai pls stop the serial,

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