Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

After being denied hotel room without passport, Jaggi tells Gopi let us go now. Gopi continues staring at her lost son who is a thief now. Jaggi says when her husband is here, how can she stare at a stranger. Gopi says she feels she saw this boy before. Jaggi says there are 7 people with same face in the world, she must have seen his lookalike in Rajkot. They both walk while Gopi’s looks at them from a distance.

Gaura boasts that her friend Bhavani is with her now and Kokila and her team cannot harm her. She warns Kokila to get out from her house now. Urmila asks Vidya to come with them. Vidya says she knows how to tackle Gaura and her friend Bhavani now and will stay back here, she has Shravan and Dharam to protect her here.

Jaggi and Gopi go to next hotel but again

are denied room. A girl hears their conversation and says she was listening to their conversation, they can use her room and freshen up. She introduces herself as Shanila and walks out handing over keys to them. Gopi’s son follows and holds her. She gets tensed. He kisses her. She smiles and says his plan worked, she booked hotel room before they went there. He asks her to get diamonds from Indian couple soon.

In hotel room, Jaggi goes to freshen up. Gopi thinks she has to meet Antara once Jaggi sleeps. Jaggi comes out of washroom after changing clothes. Gopi says she is going down to meet Shanila. Jaggi asks her to get some food also. Gopi goes down and asks receptionist if she saw Shanila. Receptionist says she does not know. Gopi asks about eatery and receptionist tells there is a Japanese restaurant nearby. Gpi walks out of hotel. Jaggi sees biscuits on table and munches them. Room service comes with bedsheets and pillow covers and asks tips. Jaggi puts choc in his mouth as tip. Room service leaves yelling.

Kokila reminisces Bhavani’s warning that she will return Meera only if she returns Seeta and thinks she cannot return Seeta at any cost. She prays god to protect Seeta until Gopi returns. Seeta comes and says she will go back to maayi. Kokila says she cannot go until Gopi returns and should submit all her problems to god. Urmila says same.

Gopi walks on street searching restaurant. Her son is with Shanila on the same street. He sees her coming. Shanila hides. He walks towards her and clashes and his mobile falls down. He touches her feet while picking it. She extends hand to bless her. Kabhi khushi kabhi ghum…music plays in the background. Son says he dropped his mobile and leaves. Gopi feels connection with him.

Precap: Gopi sees Shanila searching her bag and asks if she was searching something. Shanila gives her electric shock and Gopi collapses. Jaggi enters room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Giving electric shock to Gopi is good for her and it is good for this show.

  2. Kokila should return Sita, only then will this show get interesting.

  3. The directors are trying to make Jaggi look funny but he is not that funny

  4. Why do they have to play Kabhi Kushhi Kabhi Ghum song everyday

  5. Riana

    Awwwwwsome episode?????

    Kokila…loool????….She needs only threatenin!!g???…
    Gauaraa n bhavaniii??????….Cartoons!!!!…
    ???????????Gopi-Ricky Awsome…


    Ricky n Chanella’s liplock??????

  6. Riana

    Atleast Pari showed some respect for late Ahem☹☹☹??
    [email protected]@@@Nandini…Isaaq…Shakaib…Saba…Sid…Chithu…Rani…Rose…Neha….n all the Saathians? (Sunshiners too)?????…pls comment?????

    1. Siddharth

      I am here Raina?

    2. Nandhini

      Yes yes baba commenting??

    3. Chithu

      Will comment dear dont worry

    4. Sayyeda

      Hi Riana, some guest coming from Brazil sorry. But episode is very nice i hop Ricky be positive .

  7. Riana


  8. KAN

    Nice episodes . bg music is awasom… Waiting for next episodes…..

  9. Hi sunshiners Sid,isaaq,Nandini,chithu,shakib,rose,riana,Priyanka, saba,amalina,kan,Raven how r u all?Sorry if forgot anyone’s name..
    Today’s episode was nice.jaggi’s acting was superb.mohammed nazim suits to the character of jaggi than ahem

    1. Siddharth

      Yes Neha now Jaggi’s character is more popular than ahem’s character

    2. Riana

      Hey Neha☺…Absolutely right…jaggi is getting funny day by day…

    3. Nandhini

      Hello neha! Yeah! Jaggi is cuter and smarter than ahem?

    4. Chithu

      Hi Neha yup I like him as Jaggi too

    5. Amalina

      Yeah I agree! Ahem was just an angry young man

  10. Vidya should teach that gaura a nice lesson.

  11. Siddharth

    Gopi has come back home with her son. Rocky tells Gopi that she can’t keep him here for long. He argues with Jaggi. Kokila says this is your house, you stay for some days and then decide if you want to stay back or not. She asks Rocky to give them a chance to win his heart. Gopi lost Rocky when her son got swapped by Vidya in the hospital at the time of birth. This truth came out in front of Gopi now. Gopi has got Rocky home forcibly. Jaggi stops Rocky and scolds him. He says Rocky can’t even take a step out of the house. Rocky feels angered when everyone house arrest him.

    1. Chithu

      So its confirmed tgat Vidya is not biological daughter of Gopi n Ahem? That will be a big blow for Vidya. Thats y kokila said not too reveal this to anyone as relationships will fall apart

  12. Siddharth

    In the future track of Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya there will be high voltage drama with Ricky’s return to India.

    Apparently, Gopi’s son in first instance will refuse to believe that he is Gopi’s son and then ask her to leave and stop making his life a trouble.

    However, at last Jaggi and Gopi’s efforts pays off as Ricky (Gopi’s son) comes to India as Gopi makes Ricky unconscious and brings him home.

    Ricky misbehaves with Gopi

    Furthermore, when Ricky gains conscious he fumes at Gopi for cheating on him, he refuses to accept her his mother while Gopi is determined to convert him in a good person and make him believe she is his family.

    Jaggi looses his cool eyeing Ricky’s rude behavior and threatens Ricky to keep shut as his passport and visa are with him.

    Will Ricky accept Gopi?

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this blog.

  13. Siddharth

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    But why gaura want to Dharam remarry he is already grand father now lol. Ricky’s girlfriend seems one more negative character.

    1. Nandhini

      Hii sid! When gopi can marry when she is already a grand mother then why not dharam can marry????

      1. Siddharth

        Ya Nandini u are right but. Meera is still alive so i think Dharam is acting of getting married

    2. Chithu

      Sid here its main focused on grandparents marriage than younger generations. Remember how late naiyya was married. Had Naiyya not opted for Prakash she would have sat for her father’s next marriage n plotting against her new step mom

      1. Siddharth

        Ya Chithu . But if vidya is not gopi’s daughter why they showed her as Gopi’s replica

    3. KAN

      He want to remarry only for that meera can change her mind nd return to him ……

    4. Amalina

      Hi sid! Yeah I hope there’s no more elder people getting married. Now only waiting for Ricky and seeta’s shaadi! Yeah I guess shanali will exit by the time Ricky comes to modi bhavan with GoGi.

  14. Nandhini

    I missed the episode but i managed to watch last 5 minutes scenes…ricky’s girl frnd didnt hide when gopi came…ricky pushed her in one go on the road✋then she was slammed on the other side behind the wall isnt it???
    Hii guys! Sorry i couldnt comment yesterday…i was little caught up in works…sowmiya dont worry everything is okay for me?? hey if you cant watch the retelecasts in future, then you can catch it in or in desi tashan…you browse from ur desk top system right?
    As riana said before, many new bg tunes are playing in serial..they are so good! When a new character gets introduced, a new bg tune for them is also created?

    1. Riana

      Yah in today’s episode i thought its a new bg tone launched at the beginning but loool…that Aaaaaa was played before too????…

      But yaahh…some new bg tunes launched r vry cool!!…like Ricky bg tune…plus i think they r making kkkg tune permanent…as its played everyday…loool???

      1. Nandhini


    2. Siddharth

      Its k Nandini

    3. Chithu

      Even i didnt watch the episode and cant till monday. I will be at inlaws n they watch different serials in regional language. I will reap the updates n comment.

      1. Nandhini

        Oh thats bad chithu?but dont worry you can watch freely from tuesday right…i hope the singapore track goes for long because its so refreshing…

  15. Riana

    Yah but still i think Shruti prakash shouldnt be named as Sita…as there is already a baby sita…how many sitaass they need…Rofl??????

    1. Siddharth

      I think makers forgot that they hav given sita name to babies lol?

      1. Amalina

        Lol yeah me too…..???

  16. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshine friends i am planning to write one fan fiction ?mostly after 10 years leap. My fan fiction may not be as good as Issaq,Raina&Shakaib’s fan fiction stories but i wl try my level best . In my fan fiction i want to give more dialogues to Chirag&Parag and even i want to bring more suspense and twists in it .
    Sunshiners wt say shal i write ?

    1. Siddharth

      Friends i mean my fan fiction story wl start after meera&Vidya grown up ?

      1. KAN

        Hiii ….dear i m going to village for holi celebration…. So i m not able to comment on sunday nd monday episodes …. Plz dont throw me out of grp…..i will surely return nd d will do comment regulary ….

        Happu holi to all of u ( all shunshiner frinds)……..

    2. Riana

      Wow…Thats grt…pls write????…Happy to know that one more ff is coming…as there are only 7 ffs for saathiya…whereas in Ishqbaaz n Yhm forums n others too…there r tons of ffs??

    3. KAN

      Go ahead …. U will surly do it best … Very soon u will learn much more about it …. U write it for ur satisfaction…. U have ur own quality…. Best of luck

    4. Nandhini

      Woww Sid! Excellent!! Please write and publish ur fan fic…i am waiting!??

    5. Siddharth

      Thanks Nandini,Raina&KAN within few days i wl write it k ?

    6. Amalina

      Go ahead sid! I’m sure you will rock. Eagerly waiting for your ff!

      1. Siddharth

        Thanks Amalina?

  17. I bet in the upcoming episodes when Ricky comes to Modi house, there will be fights and Sibling rivalry with Meera and Vidya, I bet Meera will turn good once misunderstanding is clear, Ricky or Rocky will turn good soon and Vidya might turn negative. I am just guessing, coz if Meera can get upset with Ricky and Sita getting attention from the family than I am sure Vidya will be the same. Also like you guys be saying Gopi’s son will marry Sita, that might happen. Reminds me of Kasauti zinda kayki when Prerna’s son Prem was a bad boy, who was rude to his parents but than turns good and falls in love with Shruthi. It will be the same with Ricky and Sita 😛

  18. So I’m confused, is vidya gopi and ahem’s daughter or not because I’ve heard that vidya and Ricky are twins but I’ve also heard that they were exchanged at birth.

    1. Amalina

      Yeah I’m also confused but I think they got exchanged at birth as it doesn’t make sense if gopi didn’t know that she had a son when she gave birth to vidya. You will obviously know whether you’re carrying twins or only one child.

  19. Syedul

    Rickys girlfriends is not going to b his love interest . His love interest is going to b seeta

  20. I Kate jaggi. A man of his age who does not work and who talks nonstop like a jackdaw. I think GOppi deserved your AHem back.

    1. Amalina

      I agree that jaggi should start working and be more responsible but he supports gopi more and is always happy and in a good mood. I would say that GoGi is cuter than GoHem!

      1. Amalina

        Ahem never used to support gopi until kokila forces him. Ahem was a type of man who likes to only mind his own business while gopi likes helping and sacrificing for others and jaggi is the same, so they both make a cute couple.

  21. Amalina

    Hi sunshine frndz and all saathiya fans, I hope vidya doesn’t breakdown and be depressed after learning the truth. If the family’s behavior doesn’t change towards vidya after learning the truth, then I suggest that they don’t tell the heartbreaking truth to vidya. I think meera might misbehave and disrespect vidya now as she never liked vidya’s inncoent type of girl

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