Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Daadi’s Adamancy To Make Mandira as Vijay’s Wife

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badki Daadi/BD argues with Sadhna and says she selected Sadhna for Prabhath, and Prabhath selected Mandira for Vijay and not Bulbul. Sadhna says Vijay loves Bulbul. BD continues yelling that Bulbul is illiterate and is no where match to Vijay. Bulbul confronts and says she is right. Sadhna stops her. Bulbul continues that she is no match to Vijay and not well educated like Mandira, but if she gives her a chance, she will prove that she is better match for Vijay. Daadi says she and Mandira will be competing and whoever wins will be considered Vijay’s bahu.

Sadhna confronts BD and says Bulbul is perfect match for Vijay and she saved Vijay. BD says knows whole story and Mandira helped actually and gave credit to Bulbul. She yells god sent her back from coma to protect her family and for her Bulbul is just a servant, she knows Bulbul will not pass her challenge. Bulbul on the other side confronts Mandira and says she will pass Daadi’s exam. Mandira says already she won as Daadi considers as bahu and Bulbul as servants, taunts Bulbul to wash utensils cleanly and leaves.

Bulbul receives courier and asks BD if she ordered anything. Mandira says she ordered cold pressed juice for BD. Gayatri checks price and says it is very costly. Manidra says it has multivitamins and healthy for BD. BD gets impressed and says Mandira won 1 point. Vasu and Sadhna oppose that she did not inform Bulbul beforehand. BD says a woman does not need any signal to serve elders. Bulbul says she will pass exam and get Daadi’s blessings.

Vijay reaches home. Mandira suggests him to teach Bulbul to use laptop and modern culture. Vijay says she take care of house, that is more than using laptop. Mandir insists. Vijay says he will thinka and leaves. Bulbul asks Mandira if she is trying to defeat her by acting as thinking good for me in front of Vijay. Mandira taunts Vijay still loves her and she knows it, her opinion does not matter. Bulbul challenges her again. Drama continues..

Precap: Vijay and Bulbul get romantic. Mandira thinks Bulbul is not doing right.

Update Credit to: MA

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