Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Daadi Misunderstands Bulbul as Servant and Mandira as Vijay’s Wife

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadhna and others wait for Badki daadi/BD outside railway station. Gayatri yells it is very hot here. They all wait for Badki daadi to come out. Angad says train came but not badki daadi yet. Bulbul calls Sadhna and informs that Badki daadi has reached home. BD starts her drama and calling Bulbul as chudaiya and thinking her as servant and starts insulting her repeatedly. She thinks Mandira as Vijay’s wife and says she has to milk goat and bring milk for tea. Mandira says she cannot. Bulbul asks to accept that she is not Vijay’s wife. Mandira gets adamant and goes to milk goat, but cannot. BD continues insulting Bulbul and calling her chidaiya. Bulbul says her name is Bulbul. BD yells she is servant and should not dare to argue, where is her tea. Bulbul says Mandira did not bring milk yet. BD yells how dare she is to calling her bahu with name and warns to give respect, else she will ruin her life.

Bulbul runs out and seeing Mandira’s unsuccessful efforts of milking goat herself befriends goat, names her bhuri, and milks. She says she cannot milk her often as mandira has to. Mandira taunts daadi considers her as bahu and Bulnbul as servant. BD speaks to SIRI on mobile and says she used to consider Vijay as waste in childhood, but now he is big MLA, only Prabhath had trust on Vijay. She gets emotional seeing Prabhath’s photo. Bulbul returns with milk and serves her tea.

Family returns fearing BD. Sadhna holds BD’s feet and apologizes her for not receiving. BD forgives her and says she selected her for Prabath and even now people praise her selection. She says she met Vijay’s wife and even garbage at home. Gayatri thinks she is calling Mandira as garbage. BD punishes whole family and orders to sit in cock’s style. She says she has decided to do bahu’s muh dikhayi and asks Mandira to get ready. Family is shocked, but cannot speak in front of her. BD then brings Mandira and dorning veil on her does her muh dikhayi, gives tips to Bulbul and asks her to go out as servants cannot stay at home. Family does not utter anything due to fear.

Precap: BD shows Mandira as his wife and asks to do muh dikhayi. Vijay says she is not his wife.

Update Credit to: MA

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