Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay’s Diabolic Plan

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay’s family breaks wall behind Prabhath’s photo and finds Vijay unconscious. They bring Vijay out and plead him to wake up. Bulbul cries and pleads to wake up to see his 2 children, even she is pregnant, god cannot do injustice to her. Vijay holds Bulbul’s hand and opens eyes. Family rejoices seeing him alive. Vijay apologizes Bulbul and says he did not know what was happening, he will get Baba punished for what he did. Bulbul says he is alive for his 2 children is enough for her, she needs nothing else. Vijay says he has to end evil like Baba. Mandira enters and says Vijay is right. Vijay says Bulbul has to act and organize his mmurning gathering/shok saba. She says she cannot. He says they have to to take baba into confidence and asks her to inform family to get ready for shok sabha.

Vijay’s each family member shout his name and cry. Vishal makes Baba hear that over phone and says Vijay is dead now. Baba happily throws phone and dancing puts garland on Vijay’s photo. Reporters read news that MLA Vijay is no more and prays god give patience to his family and pregnant wife. People gather to play respects to Vijay. Bulbul acts and asks her and Mandira’s baby not to worry, their papa is with them, ray of hope is very near. Baba enters with Vishal and bodyguards. He sits next to Mandira and hearing Bulbul’s drama asks her tell her kids that he gave her choice to choose between kids and Vijay, she is responsible for Vijay’s death.

Baba returns home and enjoys liquor looking at Vijay’s photo. Vijay calls him. Baba gets afraid. Vijay calls again and sits next to him. Baba gets afraid and asks how did he come back after death. Vijay says his soul came to take revenge from him and punish him for his sins. Baba asks what he means. Vijay points gun. Baba asks if he will kill Raghuvansh Rajput. Vijay says he will finish him totally. Baba asks to shoot then. Vijay says he will shoot, but not him. He shoots himsels in his shoulder, hands over gun to baba, and shouts. Police and family enters. Vijay pleads to save him from baba. Baba says Vijay shot himself. Inspector says gun is with him. Baba says he will finihs him at once and shoots at him, but inspector pulls his hand up and takes him away arrested. Once everyone walk out, Bulbul emotionally hugs Vijay. Mandira stands sadly.

Family celebrates Vijay and Bulbul’s first wedding anniversary and congratulates them. Sadna praises Bulbul that because of her, their problems are solved. Vijay and Bulbul cut cake and hug each other. Vijay continues pampering Bulbul and feeds cake to whole family. Mandira watches sadly alone.

Malkain angrily this if she had killed Mandira in her womb, she would not have to see this day. She calls Vishal and explains him her wicked plan.

At Vijay’s house, family prays Ganapati ji. Bulbul does not find Mandira, goes to her room and finds room empty, thinks if Mandira left them.

Precap Malkain hires poisonous snake to kill Mandira and Bulbul. Snake bites Mandira..

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