Saam Daam Dand Bhed 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Scares Family

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri angrily tells Sadhna that she is tired of Mandira’s daily drama. She stops seeing Mandira coming down. Mandira reminisces telling Vijay that she got soup prepared for him. Vijay says obviously as Bulbul prepared it. Gayatri calls her chudail. Mandira walks towards Prabhath’s photo. Agastya warns her to stop and reminds what happened to her last time when she tried. Mandira says they can call police and get Vijay arrested. Family stops. Vijay walks in holding iron rod and singing he could not save his brother, now he will save his photo. He breaks furniture. Family panics in fear. Vijay collapses. Doctor checks Vijay and asks family not to give Vijay any tension and find out reason behind his panic attack. Mandira says she knows reason and alleges Bulbul that she mixed something in Vijay’s soup and insists her to drink it. Bulbul gulps it in 1 breath and says doctor warned not to give any tension to Vijay, pleads Mandira she should not. Whole family pleads. They all walk away. Vijay keeps his hand on Mandira and she shouts in fear.

Bulbul thinks of finding reason behind the incidents and seeing Vasu passing by stops her and asks where is Yug, he is not seen since he left home, she knows answer for all problems is somewhere around. Vasu thinks Vijay is doing this to save her. Bulbul insists. Mandira enters and asks coconut oil for Vijay’s scalp massage. Bulbul goes to bring. Mandira looks at Vasu. Vasu leaves. Bulbul takes oil to Vijay’s room and keeps it at table. Mandira walks out of washroom and yells not to be around her husband and go from here. Bulbul tries to leave. Mandira says she was joking… Bulbul says she will sit out if Vijay needs her help. She goes and sits outside. Vijay comes to her. She asks if he needs anything. Mandira walks to them. Vijay says he does not need anything, he is fine, and leaves. Mandira tells Bulbul that Vijay will get what he wants in sometime and asks her to come down and see thunder falling on her. Bulbul says she was this happy during her swayamvar when she snatched her husband, what she is up to now. Mandira asks to come down.

Mandira’s lawyer comes. Whole family gathers. Mandira asks Vijay to tell why lawyer is here and asks lawyer to take out Vijay and Bulbul’s divorce papers and take their signatures. Bulbul panics this cannot happen, she is lying. Bulbul says she is telling truth, Vijay wants only 1 legal wire and it is her. She asks lawyer to give papers to Vijay. Lawyer asks Vijay to sign on cross marks. Bulbul says Vijay cannot do this. Mandira says if something happens to Vijay, Bulbul will be responsible.

Precap: No precap.

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  1. This is the first serial where I despise the lead characters. Vijay deserves all of the slaps thrown at him, he used mandira and dropped her like trash when bulbul came. Bulbul herself is such garbage, even when her marriage was set with another she was running after vijay, throwing herself at him! Both are disgusting, vile, selfish people who should both be burnt in hell……. I can side with mandira still, she invested so much in vijay and he just swept her aside 🙁 and now the writers are defaming mandira’s character to make the two disgusting garbage lead as the poor lovers! Also the irony, when there was the bride swap, why was the marriage accepted as legitimate, having that swine vijay bringing mandira home. But now they decide to bring light of the second marriage being void law. This serial is such a terrible joke.

  2. I agree with you. It was vijay who left mandira but she always loved him…..and now the writers are making her look bad.
    I just hate bulbul and vijay,mandira should get someone who really loves her.

  3. Yes exactly! Ananth was great but then the writers butchered his character. Seeing as Ananth was such an eyecandy, I couldn’t understand why all the other characters acted like vijay was the prize of the ball. Ananth was much more handsome! Mandira ought to make bulbul and vijay lose everything then leave him just like he abandoned her. I just can’t stand seeing bulbul’s pretentious innocent avatar like seriously? Should’ve stopped watching from the time that bum vijay did mandira dirty…

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