Saam Daam Dand Bhed 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 22nd September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabhath’s family hears his voice and search him all over. They see his recording on TV talking about a gift for Sadhna on their 23rd birthday. He warns youngsters not to taunt Sadhna, especially Vijay, else he will punish them. He tells Sadhna she always wanted him to express his love in English and says I love you Sadhna. Sadhna shatters and cries loudly. Prabhath’s student come in front and inform her that Prabhath had asked to show this recording to her on 23rd wedding anniversary. Sadhna cries more loudly and breaks her bangles, removes her sindhoor, etc. Whole family console her. Vijay stands motionless.

Next morning, Vijay wakes up and takes bath. He does pooja and plays shank. Whole family gathers and sister asks if he has gone mad, they don’t do pooja in mourning house. Vijay says he is not against dharma, he just wants to follow Prabhath bhaiya and fulfill his dreams. He tells Agastya to play cricket so well that he gets selected in Ranchi team. He then asks Vasu to select one finger and says she will go to school fearlessly and make Prabhath proud. He then asks Angad to find out Prabhath’s mobile to find clue of his murderers. Whole family hugs him. He then cries imaging Prabhath telling him to be good and follow his principles. Sadhna comes and he cries hugging her and says how can his brother come back. She says her brother is in his principles and he has to follow his brother’s principles. He says he will find his brother ‘s murderers and punish them and asks who had called Prabath last. Sadhna says Ragini Jain and she felt something bad will happen when she entered their house.

Pankaj makes his election campaing hoarding with Prabhath’s pic to gain sympathy. He sees Vijay coming and says he will use Vijay to win now. Vijay comes and says Prabhath did not want him to work with him, so he will not work with him hereon. Pankaj is shocked, but acts. Vijay asks to set a meeting with Ragini. Pankaj says she escaped. Vijay asks not to use this hoarding and leaves. Raghav says Vijay has gone mad, should he get Vijay killed. Pankaj says Baba will punish Vijay. Drama continues.

Precap: Vijay’s rival inspector misbehaves with him and throws Prabhath’s murder case file in dustbin. Mandira slaps him. He puts her behind bars. CM Baba comes and inspector asks where is his daughter. Baba says in front of his eyes.

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