Saam Daam Dand Bhed 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Condemns Bulbul For Keep A Distance From Him

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badki Daadi/BD gives egg each to Bulbul and Mandira and orders them to take care of egg for 2 days like their own child and whoever fails has to leave Vijay. Bulbul looks at egg and says it is so stinking, but she has to keep it for 2 days like a kid, it is away from its mother hen for 2 days. Vasu walks in. Bulbul explains her Daadi’s challenge. Vasu asks if egg’s papa Vijay knows about it. Bulbul says no, BD informs not to inform anyone. Mandira on the other side yells oldie BD gave egg to her, who will take care of her, she wants to throw it on BD’s face. Egg falls down. She gets worried and thinks she has to get another egg from market soon. BD walks in. Mandira acts as covering egg and pampering it like her baby. BD gets impressed.

Vijay checks red marks on his skin. Bulbul asks what happened. He says he got skin burn apply beard glue. Bulbul asks not to touch it and apply ice on it. He asks her to apply it herself and tries to get intimate, but she keeps a distance. He insists her to break her oath and choose between her oath or him. She walks away saying she will bring ice. Vijay gets angry seeing her behavior. He goes to kitchen to pick ice. Mandira sees him and thinks of chatting with him, and making him fall for her again. Just then, BD walks to Vijay and asks what is he doing. He says he is applying ice on his burning skin. She yells if Chidaiya/Bulbul did not see it, she is so ruthless. Vijay says he asked Bulbul to continue her work and not bother. She insists to apply ice on his face and reminds his childhood promise after she favored him with something. Vijay repeats he promised to give her whatever she asks and will keep his promise. Mandira hears that and thinks route to Vijay’s heart goes via oldie’s feet, she has to confince BD to get Vijay.

Next morning, Bulbul takes tea to Vijay and does not find him. She hears sound from bathroom and sees Vijay washing his clothes. Vijay warns not to touch him until she breaks her oath and not do his chores. She feels sad that Vijay is going away from her because of Mandira’s promise. Bulbul is about to go to dance venue when BD stops her and orders to bathe egg like her kid. Bulbul helplessly stays back. Mandira leaves.

At dance venue, Yug shows stage seteup and hired artitists to Vijay and says Mandira has done all the planning and demonstrates. Vasu tells Vijay it was Bulbul’s plan. Vijay calls Bulbul, but Daadi throws Bulbul’s phone and asks her to continue bathing egg… Drama continues..

Bulbul helps Agastya in his rehearsals. Agastya requests her to accompany him for moral boost during dance program. She agrees. Mandira hears them and thinks she will go with Agastya as his bhabhi and not Bulbul.
Precap: Akbar Allahbadi/Vijay greets Pankaj in Mohini’s dance program.
Mohini/Agastya entertains Pankaj. Agastya nervously informs Bulbul that BD and Gayatri saw him and are following him till here.

Update Credit to: MA

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