Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Threatens Vasu To Expose Her Misdeed

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay calls his party worker and asks if he found Yug. Party worker says he is still searching and came to a hotel to search Yug. He shows Yug’s photo to receptionist and asks if he saw this man. Receptionist says no. Yug disguised as south Indian man clashes with him. Party worker shows photo and asks if he saw this man. Yug says no. Party worker leaves informing Vijay that Yug is not here. Yug messages Mandira that Vijay’s men are searching him, but he escaped.

Mandiraa sees Bulbul and asks her to give BD’s given toe rings. Vijay passes by. She asks Vijay to ask Bulbul to give it to her. Vijay obeys her. Bulbul brings toe rings. Mandira says BD gifted it to Bulbul, and she has to follow the ritual and fix it in her toes. Family stands in a shock. Bulbul says she will fix it, don’t let BD bend. Mandira says BD made this ritual and she has to follow it, asks Vijay to speak. Vijay says Mandira is right. BD bends to fix toe ring in Mandira’s toes. Mandira lifts foot and keeps it on table and says now BD does not have to bend now. Family confronts, but Vijay says Mandira is right. BD fixes toe rings in Mandira’s feet. Bulbul confronts Vijay if she can see BD’s insult. Vijay says Mandira did right, BD has to obey Mandira, else.. BD says wherever she is not respected, she will not stay there. Bulbul pleads BD, but BD says it is better to leave than getting insulted. Sadhna tries, but BD says same. Sadhna touches BD’s feet. BD leaves with a sad sound in the background. Vijay cries helplessly.

Gayatri tells Sadhna it is better they also leave before Mandira insults them and kicks them out and Vijay support her. Bulbul says Vijay is under some pressure, there is some reason and they should find out.

Mandira is busy over phone. Vasu passes by and angrily comments she is disgusting. Mandira asks what did she say. Vasu asks how she insult BD. Vasu says she will even kick her out and Vijay will support her. Vasu confronts. Mandira says she will expose her misdeed to everyone. Vasu asks what she mean. Mandira says her wedding with Yug and then their honeymoon in a cheap hotel room, Yug escaping and not even picking her call. Vasu is shocked. Mandira says she is behind her love story and Yug is her puppet. She calls Yug who says he did not pick Vasu’s call. Vasu cries and asks Yug to call her. Mandira disconnects call. Vasu runs away. mAndira thinks whoever comes between her and Vijay, she will not spare them.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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