Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Unable to Show Fake Emotions Gets Heavily Inebriated

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay asks guests to have drinks and asks DJ to start music. He dances with Mandira looking at Bulbul. He then gulps pegs of liquor reminiscing disowning Bulbul for Mandira and her pleading him. Bulbul wipes his tears and dances with him emotionally on Aye Di Hai He then realizes it is Mandira instead and back off in a shock. He falls on waiter and drops liqor glasses. He reminisces Mandira ordering to kiss him at the end of party, drops glass strand in liquor glass and holding Mandira gulps glass piece and starts bleeding. Mandira asks if there was something in glass. Vijay says his lips got cuts and runs to his room. Baba asks Mandira what happened to damadji. Mandira says he got some work and ends party.

Vijay standing near pool side vents out his anger and

shouts. Bulbul walks in and says he did not want her to see his emotions, so he did not want her to attend party. He says he loves Mandira and not her, go away from h ere. She asks to look into his eyes and speak. He repeats bending his head. She says he cannot even look into her eyes, what is getting him away from his family. He tries to speak, but stops reminiscing Mandira’s warning until he obeys her orders, she will not make video viral. He says there is nothing to hide. Bulbul insists to tell truth as she saw love for her in his eyes. He shouts he loves Mandira and not her, go away from here and pushes him. She falls on sofa. He runs away from there.

Mandira walks in and yells at Bulbul that she is eyeing on her husband, she is a second woman now, it is her big mistake to let her in this house and will not let her stay in this house. She drags Bulbul and throws her out of door. BD slaps Mandira and warns how dare to touch her bahu Bulbul. Mandira says she is her bahu now. BD says this is her house and she will not tolerate nonsense in her house. Mandira says this is Vijay’s house and he himself will kick out Bulbul. BD says this is whole family’s house and whole family is on her side, she can call Vijay if she wants. She takes Bulbul in and warns Mandira that Bulbul will stay here, if Mandira tries her dirty came, she will be kicked out instead. She walks in with whole family. Mandira thinks whole family has to follow her rules and BD will repay for slapping her.

Mandira then walks to Bulbul and orders her to send Vijay to her for suhagraat. Bulbul reverts back that she is so helpless that she is seeking someone’s else help to be with her husband. Mandira challenges that Bulbul stayed in a room with Vijay for many months, but did not consummate, now she will consummate with Vijay, if she can dare bring Vijay to her room. Bulbul walks to Vijay who is heavily inebriated and murmurs sorry Bulbul. She asks him to got his room as bride is waiting for him. Vijay says he is looking at his bride itself, looking at her, then says he will go to his first love Mandira, he got such a beautiful wife. He then touches Bulbul emotionally. Bulbul takes him to Mandira’s room. Mandira holds Vijay and asks Bulbul to go. Bulbul walks out sadly looking at them. Mandira shuts door loudly.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. cheap and disgusting

  2. Devinder Singh uk

    How long will this track go on. It’s bit boring. Mandira always getting the upper hand. Don’t drag it as usual. Other wise will loose Interest in the serial.

  3. Mandira and yug made an indecent porno clip with vasu instead of vijay get arrested for blackmail threat possession of s*xual explecit video she is the wife n vijay an arse.yug should get arrested for deceit n recording the video.but instead we have mandira running tge facking fed up with this arseness

  4. mrs devinder.singh -uk

    no wait now she will exact revenge from the whole family how can one idiot do this, amazing it can only happen in Hindi serials . i stopped watching from yesterdays show as it will be dragged on and on.

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