Saam Daam Dand Bhed 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Escapes With Aaliya Again

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badki Daadi/BD asks Bulbul if she broke pooja rules and went out in single cloth outside home to save this girl. Bulbul tries to speak. BD shouts if she broke pooja rules or not. Bulbul says if she was preparing for pooja when she got Aaliya’s call to save her, so she changed her clothes and rushed to save her. BD shouts yes or no and raises hand to slap Bulbul. Aaliya holds BD’s hand and cries to slap her and not her aunt, it is all her mistake. BD yells Bulbul made a big sin by spoiling pooja, now she will ask Vijay to choose either her or Bulbul and kick Bulbul out of Vijay’s life.

Vijay meets Ahmed and his sister and says he knows where Aaliya is. Ahmed asks where is she. Vijay says Aaliya is at his house. Aunt says his wife broke law by taking Aaliya from here Vijay asks

why he wants to sell Aaliya to a sheikh and getting her married to a man of her father’s age, it is sin according to law. Aunt lies that they are sending Aaliya to foreign for further studies and sheikh has taken responsibility of her education. Sheikh backs her and says he will let her speak to education officer of his country. Vijay believes them.

Vijay takes Ahmed, his sister, and sheikh home and tells Bulbul that they are sending Aaliya for higher studies. Bulbul says they are lying. BD yells as if she said truth. Aunt says Aaliya is a stubborn kid and does not want to go away, so she lied Bulbul. She pleads Bulbul to return Aaliya. Vijay asks Bulbul to get Aaliya. BD says she will accompany Bulbul and walks with her to room. Aaliya hides under bed. Bulbul says BD that Aaliyaa is hiding in bathroom and once BD gets into bathroom, locks it from outside and escapes with Aaliya via balcony. Vijay with Ahmed and his sister/aunt walks up and hears BD shouting to open door. BD says Bulbul escaped with Aaliya. Vijay calls Bulbul but sees her phone on bed. They see Bulbul and Aaliyaa running on road.

Vijay pleads Ahmed and aunt to give him some time, he will find Aaliya and Bulbul. Aunt yells they trusted him, but he gave fake promises. Sheikh shouts he will catch Aliya and teach her a lesson. Mandira suggests to file police. Vijay thinks Bulbul will be caught in kidnapping case then. Aunt gets tensed and starts alleging Vijay again. BD yells because of Bulbul they are facing this situation, Vijay has to choose between her and Bulbul now. Aunt asks Ahmed to escape from here before police reaches. Ahmed leaves warning Vijay if he does not get Aaliyaa, Vijay will face dire consequences

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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