Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay’s Car Blasts

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay walks towards his car lifting Ganapatiji’s idol. People walk behind him chanting ganapati bappa maurya. Contract killer/CK plants bomb in Vijay’s car and eagerly waits for him to sit, but Vijay leaves in another car. CK gets tensed that if Vijaay does not die, Vishal will not spare him. Angad with Vasu, Gayatri, and Sadhna sit in bomb planted car and tries to start it, but it does not. Gayatri scolds him and they all get out o car. Vijay gets outy of and asks them to use his car. He then walks to bomb planted car and opens door. Car blasts. Panic panic seeing that. Vijay’s family runs towards car and search him. Bulbul watches that and shouts Vidhayakjii.. Family then finds Vijay fallen far away. Family wakes him up. He asks Vasu.. Vasu says she is fine. He asks who did this, let us go home.

Family returns home. Bulbul runs down stairs and asks what happened, if Vidhayakji is fine.. Mandira thinks if Bulbul is really pregnant. Inspector informs Vijay that someone planted crude bomb in his car to kill him. Vijay says someone must have wanted to garner attention, he is fine. Angad and Gayatri tell Bulbul that someone blasted cracker, Vijay is fine. Mandira says she ran down as if she is not pregnant, is she really pregnant. Gayatri scolds Bulbul how can she run, she should be worried for her baby. Bulbul says she is fine.

Vijay thinks he is sure Baba is behind it. Agastya shows Baba’s news giving statement he will punish whoever tried to create problem in ganapati visarjan. Vijay retuns home. Sadhna asks him to scold Bulbul for being so careless. Mandira thinks what is happening here. Vijay asks Bulbul to be careful, gets a call and walks aside. Sadhna asks Bulbul not to worry, Vijay is tensed for baby.

Vijay picks call and asks his aide if he found out who is behind attack. Aide says no and says an American doctor is serving in his village, he has treated many infertile women successfully. Vijay asks to send addresses then. Aide then tells Vishal that fish is trapped and takes money. Vishal smirks.

Bulbul dreams about seeing a boy calling her maa and then disappearing. She wakes up worried. Vijay consoles her and says they will have great grandchildren, she need not worry. Next day, leaves home for village on his bike. A goon pleads him to help him as his wife is about to deliver and is lying on road. Vijay runs withh him. Goons get out of hide out and follow him.

Precap: Mandira asks doctor to do Bulbul’s ultrasound first and says let her see how is Bulbul’s baby.

Update Credit to: MA

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