Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Is Shocked To See Mandira

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul realizes that Vasu lied that she is going to college and instead went to temple to meet Yug. She thinks of informing Vijay and finding him tells she knows he is angry on her, but she wants to tell one important thing. He asks what. BD walks in and says Mandira’s groom would be coming anytime with his family, who will perform his tilak. Vijay says Bulbul will. Gayatri hears that and yells it is her right and not Bulbul’s. Groom comes with his family. Bulbul asks Gayatri to perform groom’s aarti and rushes out to temple. Vijay says Bulbul went out instead of being at home. BD says she must have got some important work and will return soon.

Mandira in bridal attire over video call orders Vasu at any cost. Sadhna walks in. Mandira says she is ready for marriage. Sadhna says BD has fixed muhurath after 30 minutes. Mandira gets tensed. Bulbul on the other side informs Agastya that Vasu has gone to temple to meet Yug instead of going to college. He asks why will she. She shows Yug’s message on Vasu’s mobile and says they have to reach temple soon. In temple, Vasu in bridal attire says she does not feel good marrying without family’s permission. He cheers her up and takes selfie and then message Mandira that plan is working well. Mandira sitting in mantap reads it. Yug and Vasu exchange garlands. Pandit explains meaning of pheras to Mandira. Mandira thinks why Yug is taking so much time. Pandit in temple asks Yug to start pheras.

Mandira acts as falling unconscious. Vijay gets concerned and asks to call doctor. Gayatri says groom himself is a doctor. Groom asks to take Mandira to a room, he will check her. BD thinks it is Mandira’s new trick. Agastya with Bulbul heads in car towards temple and says there are 5 shiv temples on the way. They start checking each temple. Vasu and Yug’s pheras continue. At home, Gayatri yells at groom to check Mandira instead of holding her hand. Groom says she is weak due to marriage tension and should rest. Everyone walk out. Mandira opens eyes, closes door, and eagerly waits for Yug’s call. Agastya with Bulbul and reaches temple and asks her to check this temple while he will check another temple. Bulbul heads in and just before she could see Yug and Vasu, BD calls her and asks where is she. Bulbul says she came to search Vasu in a temple. BD asks why. Bulbul says she will explain later, but delivers a lengthy explanation to keep family busy in Mandira’s wedding while she brings Vasu home. Bulbul then again tries to enter room when Agastya stops her and says he got Yug’s friends address, he woudl have taken Vasu there for sure. Bulbul says they should check temple. Agastya says he is sure they are not here. Yug and Vasu’s wedding completes. Mandira gets happy that Vijay will not be able to reject her now and will have to marry her.

Yug takes Vasu to a hotel room and insists for suhagraat. Vasu says she should not have come here. He reminisces Mandira ordering him to finish sughagraat with Vasu, hugs Vasu and emotionally blackmails her that he cannot live without her. She reciprocates and gives up.

Vijay goes to Mandira’s room. Mandira jumps with him and says she is very happy today, she always wanted to marry him and will finally marry him. He is shocked and asks what does she mean. She says she did all drama to marry him and fooled Bulbul. He says she should not forget Bulbul brought him here. Mandira warns if he does not marry her, she has a shocking surprise for him.

Precap: No precap.

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